LSPR capacity data in the form of ITR ratios for IBM processors where each model is configured with multiple z/OS V1R13 images based on an average LPAR profile of client systems. All capacity numbers are relative to the IBM 2094-701 running multi-image z/OS image. Information presented in this table is current as of July, 2013.

Note: Please contact your IBM marketing representative to ensure that you are using the most current data. Proper use of this data requires an understanding of the LSPR measurement methodology.

Table of contents

* Low, Average, High workloads describe their Relative Nest Intensity (RNI) category - see workload description for more information.

** PCI stands for Processor Capacity Index. The PCI values were calculated by multiplying the LSPR Average column by a common scaling factor associated with a particular LSPR table. Note the values appearing here were generated using zPCR so the full precision of each ITRR ratio is represented.

*** MSUs are used for software pricing only; they are not a capacity metric.

**** MSUps are used for software pricing in power save mode only; they are not a capacity metric.