IBM Sizing Guides

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Toolkit overview

The Sizing Guide toolkit consists of IBM Systems Workload Estimator download instructions, example and documentation files that give full authoring control to create, test and run a Sizing Guide customized for the application.


The Workload Estimator uses a template-driven, building-block approach to quickly develop a Sizing Guide, without requiring advanced programming skills. IBM Sizing Guides provides a consistent solution every time, so it sets correct expectations for end customers. Currently-available IBM systems are automatically recommended for new or withdrawn systems. It supports extensive Virtualization Support on Power Systems.

Example files and documentation (optional)

The example files consist of corresponding sets of input (OEM) files and output (HTML) files for the Simple Mail and Comprehensive Workload examples. Use the Workload Developer to open the OEM files to see how a Guide is created, while the matching HTML files run on Web browser and show how the completed Guide appears when run by a user using IBM Systems Workload Estimator sizing engine.

The Design Documentation files provide in-depth information on how the Simple Mail Server and Comprehensive Workload Examples were created.

The Example and Design Documentation files for the System i, p, and x server platforms are grouped for the Simple Mail and the Comprehensive Design examples in downloadable .zip files. Download the appropriate example files to use as a reference when creating the Guide.