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IBM Sizing Guides

Maximize your Sales Opportunities with customized Solution Sizing

IBM Sizing Guides

To use Sizing Guides

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IBM Sizing Guides provide point-and-click access to software solution specific hardware requirements to meet customer immediate and growth requirements on IBM systems.

IBM Sizing Guide Overview [ English ] (707KB)

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Searching for a Sizing Guide

The IBM Sizing Guide search engine simplifies finding Sizing Guides for specific business needs based on solution, type, server platform and industry.

Create Sizing Guide

Leverage IBM's user-friendly Sizing Guide Toolkit to quickly and easily create sizing guide for solution as complete solutions require a specific mix of software and hardware, the right hardware component is critical to meeting customer requirements.

Deploy Sizing Guide

Deploy Sizing guide to gain visibility with other resellers and direct sales team or help customers right-size hardware requirement. IBM sizing Guides recommends the best fit IBM system to satisfy workload performance and virtualization requirements with automatic updates and wide range of support.

Sizing Guide advantages include


Consistent Sizings

Gives a consistent solution every time. Sets correct expectations for customers.

Easy to use

By downloading the user friendly Sizing Guide Toolkit, easily create a complete Sizing Guide for solution without knowing advanced programming skills.

No cost

IBM provides the tools and environment to create, host and run Sizing Guide without any cost to ISVs/Partners.

Automatic system updates

Automatically recommends currently available IBM systems. No need to update sizing guides for new or withdrawn systems.

Available 24/7 and worldwide

Sales team and customers can size a solution anytime and anywhere needed.