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IBM Hardware Sizing Questionnaires


A sizing is an approximation of the hardware resources required to support a specific software implementation. Several resources are available to assist with sizing. Solution Sizing Sheets are available to help you effectively respond to customer requests for ballpark sizing information. Sizing questionnaires are available to help you gather customer requirements, which can then be submitted to Americas Techline for assistance from experienced specialists with sizing select IBM and ISV software applications.

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Understanding the sizing process
Sizing estimations include workloads from providers other than the IBM Corporation. IBM is not responsible for the accuracy of the data contained in such workloads. Any reliance by you on the third party workload is at your sole risk and will not create any liability or obligation for IBM. If you have any questions or are unsatisfied with the third party workload information, you should contact the third party provider.

The system resources quoted to you in any sizing related communications are sufficient only for the workload(s) estimated. Other factors may require additional resources (e.g. additional non-estimated workloads, minimum configurations for RAID, allowance for growth, workspace, etc).

The information provided to you in any sizing related communications are provided by International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) as a service to you and may be used for informational purposes only. Use of any sizing related communications is restricted to the purpose of helping you predict a possible IBM eServer model processor, memory and disk resources for a given workload. All representations of processor utilization, throughput, response time, memory, disk, and other performance data in the sizing communications are estimates and averages based on certain assumptions and conditions. No representation is made that these throughputs and their corresponding response times or other performance data will be accurate or achieved in any given IBM eServer installation environment. They are based on specific configurations and run time environments. Customer results will vary. Any configuration recommended by the sizing information communicated should be tested and verified. By accepting this information or using the sizing details you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein. If you do not agree with such terms and conditions, please do not review or use the provided materials and return the materials to IBM.

Sizing application systems is an iterative process. Preliminary sizings, based on limited information, may be rough estimates. As more information about the implementation becomes available, the sizing estimates can provide a better understanding of hardware requirements, so bookmark this page and visit often! IBM Technical sales representatives, business partners and customers use sizing estimates to compare server and configuration alternatives, and to assist with server selection. 

If you need a sizing estimate, follow the appropriate link and complete the sizing questionnaire. Follow the instructions in the questionnaire to submit your sizing request to the Sizing Team.

Please feel free to contact the Techline ISV Solutions Sizing Team if you have any questions regarding the information above via  email

The IBM Techline Sizing team no longer provides support for the System x platform. If you need assistance for this product, please contact Lenovo using the TSRG application on the business partner portal.

Supported Application Systems i p z
ACI Payments Framework Software Solutions
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne New and Upgrade x x  
JD Edwards World x


Oracle e-Business Suite New and Upgrade

x x  
Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM)
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)



Oracle Database


x x x  
Oracle Hyperion
Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B)
PeopleSoft Enterprise

x x  

SAP ERP and SAP Business Suite


x x x  
SAS Applications
x x  
Siebel CRM Applications
x x  
Infor/Baan IVc/ERP 5.0/ERP LN 6.1 (IBM Partners Only) x x  
Infor BPCS v8 and ERP LX x    
Lawson Software Products x x x

Sizing Tools

IBM Insight for SAP

This utility program and its subsequent reporting and analysis process provide a convenient, high-level, workload analysis for in-production SAP system landscapes. This service and utility are provided free of charge by IBM America's Advanced Technical Support (ATS) and America's Techline organizations. Use this program to gain insight into the workload of production SAP systems.


The IBM ATS Server Consolidation Monitor (ATS SCON Monitor) can be used to drive Server Consolidation studies. It gathers customer system architecture and performance data from Windows computers as well as UNIX/Linux hosts.




Contact Mei Lin or Philippe Deverge for sizing information on System z for the applications below.
 Sopra/Callatay & Wouters (z Thaler)
 FiTeq (US)
 PegaSystem (US)
 Brinqa (US)
TCS - Payment


Infosys - Finacle
 Symphony Teleca


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