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IBM Software Value Plus Authorization

Smarter Cities Capability

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To be approved for SVP Smarter Cities Capability Solution Authorization you must meet the following criteria:

(1) Have an IBM software value-added Smarter Cities solution that implements the required solution content defined as:

1 Primary product

Primary products Secondary products
Any SVP Smarter Cities product Any SVP IBM Cognos product
Any SVP IBM FileNet product Any Tivoli NetCool product
Any SVP Tivoli Enterprise Asset
Management product

Any EIS PureApplication Systems Software Brand Family product*

(2) Be IBM Software Value Plus approved for each product in your solution including any secondary products.

(3) Register your security solution in the IBM Global Solutions Directory.
The solution, whether a value-add application or services practice, must be registered as a Verified Business Partner Solution in the Global Solutions Directory and requires:

  1. End user client verification to confirm the solution and its minimum solution content is running in a production environment
  2. Marketing verification to confirm the solution and its IBM product content is actively marketed

(4) Submit the required number of references.

*Refer to the SVP Capability Authorization IBM PureApplication Systems supplemental information website for additional details including eligibility and payment claim requirements.

Three (3) references are required for North America and European Economic Union Business Partners, and two (2) references from all other countries.

A reference is a client whom you've implemented your solution and/or products which has been submitted to and approved by an IBM process. Approved IBM processes can include, but are not limited to:

Note: A Verified Business Partner Solution requires a verified client and qualifies as 1 of the reference requirements.

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