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Getting started with social media


What is social media?
Social media is an umbrella term used to describe web-based and mobile technologies that support the creation and exchange of user-generated content. They facilitate interaction, information-sharing, and relationship-building amongst users.

Social media for business
Social media has changed the marketing landscape. Whereas at one time, businesses had almost exclusive control over the message and the medium, individuals now have their own platform and are becoming highly influential. Dialogue with those individuals is a critical element of outreach in creating and sustaining preference for your solutions or services.

Get started with social media
The below resources were designed to help you start using social media as an integrated part of your sales and marketing plans.

Social media basics
Do you already understand the impact using social media for your business and want to get started right away? Select a brand from social media basics and get going now!

Get started with social media


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Social media basics

These guides will teach you the basics on how to use some of the most popular social networks, including how to create an account, optimize your profile, build your network and begin making an impact on your business.

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