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IBM Security marketing campaigns for Business Partners

Ready-to-execute email marketing campaigns!

We’ve written email templates, each linked to a compelling customer offer like a whitepaper, analyst report or video. Just add your logo and a few words of your own. All at no charge! After you log into the Co-Marketing Center, put the given search words into the search box to return just the materials for that campaign.

What campaigns are available and where are they?

Each of the campaigns are available on the IBM Co-Marketing Center (CMC). You can already use the CMC to request co-marketing funding.

  1. You can click on the title of any of the campaigns listed below. You will be notified that you are leaving the IBM website, you will be prompted for your PartnerWorld id and password, and then you will be taken directly to the campaign in the CMC.
  2. You can go to the main page of the IBM co-marketing center. Once there, you can enter the search words indicated after each campaign description below to find your specific campaign in the CMC.

After finding your campaign, you will first download a campaign guidance document. The overview document will instruct you through your campaign. The campaigns are available in English language, however most of the text fields are editable you so can translate the copy if you wish. Any translated assets are listed in the Campaign Overview Document for each campaign.

Identity and Access

Core message: IBM Security “threat aware” identity and access management (IAM) solutions help organizations respond to emerging security trends while protecting assets from unauthorized access. IBM solutions facilitate the secure collaboration of employees, customers, and partners across the web, the cloud, and mobile environments and monitor user activity. Search: Identity (Note: Search results will also include event templates.)

Application Security

Core message: Organizations need to be able to protect themselves from application related security risks and compliance issues. This means reducing their risk by building security into their applications and systems up front, protecting their current infrastructure from application attacks and granularly control access to their applications. Search: Application Security

Security Intelligence

Core message: IBM Security Intelligence with vulnerability management capabilities, and IBM Big Data analytics solutions, provide 360-degree visibility across an entire network, using real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection to help detect threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance risks that might otherwise be missed. Search: Security intelligence (Note: Search results will also include related event templates.)

Advanced Threat/Network Security

Core message: Constantly changing security threats are putting clients at risk of a security incident or breach, as well as threatening their compliance posture. At the same time, limited budgets, resources and expertise are making it increasingly difficult to keep pace with these threats. Search: Advanced Threat

Mobile/Mobile Application Security

Core message: Securing mobile devices and applications have become increasingly important in recent years as the numbers of the devices in operation and their interaction with enterprise networks and applications increased dramatically. IBM’s provides a comprehensive approach to mobile security and delivers the value clients require from an integrated mobile security framework.

Note: This campaign contains 6 separate e-mails; some are focused on mobile security and some specifically on securing mobile applications. Each e-mail’s focus us noted in the Campaign Overview Document which you should download first. Search: Mobile Security (Note: Search results will also include related event templates.)

What is in each campaign?

These are all email campaigns with 3-4 “touches.” There are 3-4 email templates which you will customize with your logo, the IBM Business Partner logo, some information about your company and your call to action.

Each of the email touches is associated with an offer (whitepaper, demo, video, analyst report, etc.) You will download the campaign overview document first. This file lists each of the offers as well as a suggested subject line for each e-mail. It also includes guidance regarding follow-up questions to ask and the industries and roles we recommend you target with your campaign. Once you have the campaign overview document, you are ready to get started on email touch 1.

Assemble a list of email address you want to use for the campaign. These can be former clients as well as prospective clients. The list does not have to be long, and you can go to the CMC anytime to send additional emails. Do not wait for the “perfect list” to get started. (Hint: There is no such thing as a perfect list!)

How much does it cost to run one of these campaigns?

Nothing, if you do it yourself. Running an email marketing campaign is not difficult but it does take some time. You will want to assemble an email address list, decide how you will deliver each of the email offers (via the web or email), and then take the time to customize and send each email through the IBM Co-Marketing Center.

What if I do not have time to run a campaign?

No problem. You could contact a local marketing company to see how much they would charge to run these campaigns for you. If you have IBM Software Co-Marketing funds available, submit a marketing activity request and ask IBM to reimburse you for 50% of the cost. IBM has engaged marketing agencies in many countries to help with all kinds of marketing activities. These companies can even help you get started using IBM Software Co-Marketing funding.

I do not have any co-marketing funds. Can I still use these campaigns?

Absolutely! The IBM Co-Marketing Center create and design function is available to all Business Partners regardless of their eligibility for SWG Co-Marketing funding.

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