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IBM Software Subscription and Support

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IBM Software Subscription and Support

Revised Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express Agreements effective 01 September 2014 for NEW clients and 01 December for existing clients are now available.

To learn more about the changes to the Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express Agreements, please refer to the presentation and audio replays listed below.

Presentation Audio replays
Passport Advantage Revision 2014 (PDF, 250KB) Americas replay (MP3, 8MB, 00:38:39)
AP replay (MP3, 5.5MB, 00:26:53)
EMEA replay (MP3, 7.1MB, 00:34:09)

Download the revised Agreements:

In the IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S) call quarterly call series, you will hear from Software Subscription and Support Sales Leaders and subject matter experts on topics such as: certification requirements, the software renewal process, re-instatement sales plays, new product releases, and other topics that are relevant to the IBM Software Renewal business.

As always, we invite you to participate in each and every call going forward. If, however, you are unable to attend a call, presentations and replays will be posted here after each session.

1H 2015 calendar & replays

Date / TimeBrand & topicsEnrollment / Replays
Q2 2015 Europe BP Summit: Dublin and UK S&S Channel update (PDF, 2.80MB)
IBM Software Channel in Europe: Evolving to Higher Value (PPTX, 1.7MB)
Partial Renewals update (PPTX, 4.6MB)
RVI update (PPT, 4.4MB)
ILMT 9 update, Path to simplification (PDF, 538KB)

To view additional S&S updates and enablement from the recent BP summits, please reference the Europe BP Poland Summit decks below
Q2 2015 Europe BP Poland Summit S&S Channel update (PDF, 3MB)
Overcoming S&S Price Objections (PPTX, 1.58MB)
SVP Primary Support Providers update (PDF, 1.48MB)
PA9 S&S Partial Renewals update (PDF, 1.57MB)
ILMT 9 update: Path to simplification (PDF, 454KB)
How to Maximize Revenue in the Channel (PDF, 1MB)
IBM Verse - New Way to Work (PPT, 8.5MB)
Renewal Value Incentive Program update (PDF, 1.8MB)
Q2 2015 ISA BP Summit WW S&S Channel Initiatives (PPT, 6.30MB)
Renewal Value Incentive (RVI) update (PPT, 3.96MB)
How to use S&S value propositions to overcome price objections (PPT, 1.52MB)
Partial Renewals update for BPs and VADs (PDF, 3.00MB)
Prior Year Plus Expansion update (PDF, 1.26MB)
IBM Verse / Bridge to Cloud Play (PPT, 7.60MB)
Q1 2015 Primary Support Provider (PSP) Q1 Quarterly channel update Presentations (PDF, 1.26MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:36:43, 7.4MB)
Q1 2015 Colombia BP summit B2B / Commerce update (PDF, 814KB)
BA S&S update (PDF, 1.2MB)
C&SI S&S update (PDF, 993KB)
Channel update (PDF, 1.7MB)
IM S&S update (PDF, 515KB)
RVI S&S update (PDF, 1.36MB)
Security S&S update (PDF, 5.2MB)
Social Business S&S update (PDF, 7.25MB)
WebSphere / IBM Systems S&S update (PDF, 1.4MB)
Q1 2015 Brazil BP summit Compelling Reason to Act: go to Selling Essentials and select the Compelling Reason to Act module. Learn how to to answer three simple questions: “Why?”, “Why IBM?”, and “Why Now?”
Download these:
Channel update (PDF, 1.37MB)
Handling S&S pricing objections (PDF, 609KB)
RVI update (PDF,1.34MB)

2H 2014 calendar

Date / TimeBrand & topicsEnrollment / Replays
2 December 2014 Partial Renewals Subscription & Support Business update (NA BPs) Presentation (PDF, 1.11MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:32:37, 7.2MB)
12 November 2014 PSP Q4 update Presentation (PDF, 617KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:34:08, 6.68MB)
IBM SVP Primary Support Provider Sub Capacity Licensing (PDF, 482KB)
11-13 November 2014 Partial Renewals Presentation (PDF, 1.10MB)
AP audio replay (MP3, 00:42:25, 9.22MB)
Europe audio replay (MP3, 00:42:58, 9.3MB)
LA audio replay (MP3, 00:34:53, 7.42MB)
NA audio replay (MP3, 00:37:19, 8,06MB)
21 October 2014 RVI update: Europe Presentation (PDF, 1.84MB)
Europe audio replay (MP3, 01:01:01, 12.9MB)
14 & 16 October 2014 Beijing and Shanghai BP summits
Channel update
BI Consolidation update
C&SI S&S update
IM S&S update
RVI S&S update
WebSphere S&S update

Presentation (PDF, 1.43MB)
Presentation (PDF, 1.21MB)
Presentation (PDF, 2.16MB)
Presentation (PDF, 1.03MB)
Presentation (PDF, 2.20MB)
Presentation (PDF, 1.68MB)
9 October 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia BP summit
Channel update
BI Consolidation update
C&SI S&S update
ICS S&S update
IM S&S update
RVI S&S update
WebSphere S&S update

Presentation (PDF, 1.44MB)
Presentation (PDF, 1.29MB)
Presentation (PDF, 1.42MB)
Presentation (PDF, 4.64MB)
Presentation (PDF, 1MB)
Presentation (PDF, 3.11MB)
Presentation (PDF, 1.67MB)
September 2014 Prior-year-Plus update AP
Prior-year-Plus AP presentation (PDF, 2.52MB)
Prior-year-Plus AP audio replay (MP3, 6.6MB, 00:30:43)
Prior-year-Plus LA presentation (PDF, 2.54MB)
Prior-year-Plus LA audio replay (MP3, 7.59MB, 00:35:09)
Prior-year-Plus MEA presentation (PDF, 2.6MB)
Prior-year-Plus MEA audio replay (MP3, 8.4MB, 00:39:50)
September 2014 Cognos BI Simplification Review and FAQ Presentation (PDF, 1.169MB)
AP audio replay (MP3, 00:48:59, 9.6MB)
WW audio replay (MP3, 00:45.48, 9.16MB)

1H 2014 replays

Date / TimeBrand & topicsEnrollment / Replays
18 June 2014 IBM SVP Primary Support Provider Channel Quarterly Update
Presentation (PDF, 642KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:43:57, 9MB)
13 March 2014 Passport Advantage Online update Presentation (PDF, 3.18MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:33:46, 7.36MB)
26 February 2014 Primary Support Provider (PSP) Q1 Quarterly channel update Presentation (PDF, 497KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:30:26, 6.2MB)
15 January 2014 Q1 2014 WebSphere strategy, key messages and competitive S&S channel update

Darin Thompson, WebSphere WW S&S sales leader
Presentation (PDF, 1.14MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:55:05, 11.9MB)


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