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2014 Update on IBM Training

IBM Training has evolved to better relate to your personal goals and the needs of the business. IBM authorized content - both off the shelf and custom courses – are now delivered by IBM-selected Global Training Providers with an extensive network of locations and innovative delivery methods, will change how and where you learn and provide our IBM Business Partner Community with new and exciting teaming opportunities.

Global Roll Out – now in place

An Update for 2014 – With Latin America joining the program in March and Middle East and Africa in October 2014– this means the new training program is now a Global Training Model. Whilst the primary relationship with IBM Training is with the IBM Global Training Providers (GTPs) that are able to display this mark.

The global and technical coverage of the program is only available through extended relationships between the IBM GTPs and our extensive IBM Business Partner community.

IBM has not exited the training or education business.

The new IBM Training ecosystem has enhanced our training capabilities, and extended reach into new cities and countries, by making partnership with five highly qualified IBM Business Partners who provide high quality, authorized training for IBM clients, IBM Business Partners, and IBM employees. IBM continues to provide authorized training curriculum and content, and also maintains overall ownership of the IBM Training ecosystem. We have not exited the business - we believe that we have created a more robust solution that will benefit our clients and IBM Business Partners.

As an IBM Business Partner, you have many opportunities to team with these IBM Global Training Providers. We strongly encourage you to read more and get in touch with one or more of our IBM Global Training Providers to discuss the teaming and learning opportunities.

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