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Social Business: Amplify the value of human connections

Knowledge is being created and shared at unprecedented rates

Social networking has become a sweeping societal and economic phenomenon. People are now sharing original content, joining virtual communities, organizing activities, tapping into the advice of others and sharing experiences - at scale and without boundaries.

The views and activities of people are far more accessible

With the use of the social network, the interactions among people, leaders and brands are now out in the open for everyone to see, enabling businesses to gain greater visibility into the sentiments, activities and behaviors of large numbers of people.

Organizations are functioning with greater transparency

With the open nature of today's business environment, where 70% of employees are engaged in social activities both internally and externally, organizations are working differently. In addition, with nearly everyone on the front lines building new relationships, the flow of information has become more difficult to contain.


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Optimize workforce talent and culture.

Amplify engagement and measure impact.

Understand what customers want in real time.

Manage social infrastructures.

Drive enterprise-wide collaboration.

Design and implement social strategies.

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Learn from Think Academy for Social Business:

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Get started with Social Business Ready to Execute marketing templates.

Listen to a Ask Jim Podcast: This is the only podcast focused on IBM Connections - the #1 ranked enterprise social collaboration platform.

Listen to a From Selling to Serving Podcasts: Helping client facing professional influence buyers, engage clients and build loyalty in today's digital age of business.

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