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Client references

Highlighting client successes through IBM Business Partner solutions and services

IBM uses client references to help promote our Business Partners and their solutions. These references will appear in the IBM Client Reference Database and once published; the reference can be viewed by IBM employees and Business Partners and may be considered for use in sales collateral or marketing activities. Your permission will be requested and required prior to use. Client references are now eligible to count for points in the PartnerWorld program. You will earn one point for each verified and published reference. Submit today!!

Featured Business Partner success stories

How to optimize an operation "Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium" is predicting visitor behaviors with data

point defiance

Before Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium became data driven, they determined how many employees to hire and how many supplies to purchase, simply by guessing the number of visitors they’d have on a given day. But IBM Big Data & Analytics has improved those estimations by correlating data from various sources, like mobile check-ins and weather reports. With insights drawn from data, they can now better anticipate the needs of their visitors and make more effective business decisions.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is training IBM Watson to help doctors make better cancer treatment choices

cancer center With thousands of permutations and millions of new cases every year, medical data on cancer is increasing exponentially. This creates a problem for doctors who want to offer tailored treatments based on data for their patients, but simply can’t process all the information on their own. Enter IBM Watson™, a cognitive system that can process millions of pages of medical information per second and generate hypotheses. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) is collaborating with IBM to train Watson in oncology, so that medical professionals everywhere can make better, faster and more informed decisions about how to treat each individual cancer patient.

Sky Italia is customizing must-see TV with data

sky italia

Satellite TV provider Sky Italia used to rely on data from cable boxes to understand what their customers were watching. But after switching to digital platforms, they were able to find new insights into viewing behaviors with IBM Big Data & Analytics. Working with IBM, they created program schedules and on-demand content based on social media data that revealed which shows their customers were talking about. The same data also allowed them to run targeted marketing campaigns, delivering more effective messaging to precise customer segments.

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