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Relationship management - Authorized Independent Training Provider

IBM PartnerWorld Profiling System User Guide


In this section, you can apply to be an Authorized Independent Training Provider (AITP) and view/edit existing AITP applications.

Business Partners participating as Authorized Independent Training Providers (AITP) offer specialized training and certifications in IBM software productivity for any of the five IBM software brands. By bringing the highest levels of professionalism and knowledge to their customers with respect to IBM products and solutions, these centers allow you to make a great impression on your customers, as well as helping them to be more productive with their IBM-based solutions. This then reflects well on both IBM and the Business Partner.

Selection for AITP is based on proven excellence in training, available facilities and equipment, geographic coverage and instructor expertise in the specific IBM software they will be teaching.

Enrollment in AITP is based upon a rolling 12-month membership from the date the membership was purchased. Each country enterprise wishing to participate in AITP must make a one-time purchase of the "Delivery Benefits Option" from any of their locations. Each participating location must also purchase a "Site Benefit Option". In addition, participating locations must purchase the "Renewal Benefit Package" each year, in order to continue in the program.

On this page you can view a list of locations which are eligible to enroll in AITP. Authorized Independent Training Providers (AITP) is offered by Location.


To view a list of locations eligible for AITP and locations that have applied for AITP:

To apply:

  1. Select the desired location you wish to enroll in AITP.
  2. Click the I Agree link to advance to the AITP form.
  3. Input the required information into the form.
  4. Click Save to complete and submit the form. You are taken to a confirmation page and given a confirmation number. Please retain the confirmation number for all future inquiries on the transaction.

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