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    Obtaining an IBM Professional Certification is designed to demonstrate that you, as an IBM Business Partner, have developed the sales, installation, and support skills needed to effectively represent an IBM product to your customers.

    For your awareness and planning purposes, the PartnerWorld expiration date for the Power Systems v1 certifications is March 31, 2014. You can find the current status of all accredited certifications, including those required for Power Specialty accreditation by visiting PartnerWorld where the expiration dates are reflected in the PartnerWorld Eligible Skills Table (EST).

    The new Power Systems v2 certification reflects POWER7+ enhancements, knowledge of which is significant to ongoing success of Power sales. Business Partners, who are skilled in selling Power Systems today, should be able to prepare and pass v2 certification tests with reasonable effort and time investment.

    How do the new Power Systems v2 certifications affect Power Specialty?

    Business Partners who are applying for Power Specialty or obtaining their annual revalidation after December 31, 2013 must successfully complete the required certifications which are identified as "active" in the PartnerWorld Eligible Skills Table (EST). This is the general guideline for all PartnerWorld certifications that are required for skill validation for Power Specialty. Please refer to the PartnerWorld Eligible Skills Table (EST) to review this information for each applicable certification required for Power Specialty.

    IBM encourages all of our Business Partners to continually work to achieve higher skills across our entire portfolio, with a goal of achieving Specialties. Our Power Specialty Business Partners, distinguished to be the best-of-the-best Business Partners who sell Power Systems, must possess/validate skills for selling the latest technology.

    How do the new Power Systems v2 certifications affect Approval to market?

    Please note that existing contractual approval to market Power Systems is NOT impacted by the expiration of v1 certifications. Currently approved Resellers of Power Systems are not required to recertify with Power Systems v2 certifications.

    View additional information on the IBM PartnerWorld Power Specialty.

    All statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only.

    If you have any questions, please respond to the global team at,

To participate in the IBM Power Systems Specialty offering, IBM Business Partners must meet requirements in three areas: skills, client references, and revenue. The requirements differ for Power Systems Specialty and Power Systems Specialty Elite.

In addition, the specific eligibility criteria might vary by country or region, as part of our ongoing effort to deploy offerings tailored to meet the unique business needs of different regions. Please refer to the correct announcement letter for your region for the specific business and skills criteria for Power Systems Specialty and Power Systems Specialty Elite.

You are encouraged to visit the Business Partner Technical Vitality (BPTV) Skills Dashboard tool, which can provide you with a customized gap analysis of your progress in completing the Power Systems Specialty certification skills criteria.

The BPTV tool links to the PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS), reviews certifications your firm has already completed, and provides you with a gap analysis identifying the certifications your firm still needs to complete. Your Authorized Program Administrator (APA) will have immediate access to BPTV. Your APA might allow additional employees to view the scorecard and dashboard by assigning them the “BPTV General” role in PPS. For additional information, contact PartnerWorld.

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