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Back to PartnerWorld! Sandy Carter embraces the ecosystem on a new level

October 2013

It began as a normal day. I flew to Brazil and when I landed, I Foursquared, tweeted and Facebooked as I headed off to meet my Business Partners and clients. And when I finished, I would fly off to meet the CEO of one of our top clients! This was going to be a superb day!

But then a life-changing event occurred. With a bit of water, cobblestones and bad luck, I fell while heading up a ramp. When I saw people running toward me yelling in Portuguese, I knew something was not right. I broke two toes, my left rib and my femur—the biggest bone in the body. I also lost about 1.5 liters of blood. (They say shock sets in at 2L.)

Then, out of tragedy, a beautiful thing happened. My ecosystem emerged...and rose up out of social networks, both online and in the real world. My ecosystem consisted of too many people to name, but here are a few key ones:

Now, combine these in-person friends that I know with my friends in the blogosphere and on social networks who sent messages of support (and even gifts) from around the world. These people crossed global boundaries and included Business Partners, clients, IBMers and more.

Although I still have a long recovery ahead of me (three months with no travel—ouch!), I'm delighted to be home and I know I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for my ecosystem.

Why am I telling you this?

This experience opened my eyes to the fundamental role ecosystems play in helping us live successful, fulfilling lives. And they are just as important in the world of business, where a group of clients, Business Partners, academics, startups, developers and influencers collaborate to drive innovation and ultimately business. And you, our Business Partners, are a key part of that equation.

IBM is committed to building and supporting a vibrant business ecosystem.

Why should that matter to you?

Because the ecosystem is the most effective means of fostering the success of everyone in the business community. Working together, we can go farther than we would on our own!

Here are some examples of what we're doing to support the business ecosystem:

And these are just some of the ways that we're working to ensure the success of the ecosystem—which in turn supports the success of us all.

P.S. - I'm thrilled to be part of the PartnerWorld community again, and I look forward to establishing new friendships and renewing old ones!


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