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Sandy Carter

General ManagerEcosystem Development

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Teaming to win!

July 2014

In June, the world had World Cup fever! Everywhere I went, people from all walks of life came together to watch the World Cup and celebrate their teams. It's impressive to watch the competition between these teams from all over the world, brought together by their desire to win on the football field (or soccer field here in the US). Every game had awesome displays of skill and athleticism from individual players, but the teams that won did so because of their Teamwork!

IBM Business Partners I talk to are often focused on how they can improve teamwork with IBM. Their inspiration and innovation, blended with IBM's, creates game-changing solutions that can't be beat. Many outstanding up and comers have been featured in the SmartCamp events happening throughout the world. Companies like, eyeQ Insights, and BeehiveID are teaming with IBM's ecosystem of technology and business experts to win in the market. Participants in SmartCamps consistently tell us that teaming with IBM changes their perspective and helps sharpen their focus for success.

I had my own evolutionary experience when I joined with 20 other IBM people and 5 Business Partners for the Ecosystem Development DesignCamp in Austin. We gathered to share perspectives and experience, and challenge our views of how we do business inside IBM and with our Business Partners. The frank discussions were not always easy but at the end we had some specific direction on our future. I could not have done this alone. It required the open and honest participation of everyone on the team. I'm excited to see how these visions unfold in the coming months.

I also got to experience the unstoppable teaming between SoftLayer, POWER8, Watson and our Ecosystem of Business Partners. The release of POWER8 has caused quite a stir as details have come out at release events all over the world. Seeing presentations is one thing, but watching it in action is quite another. In Las Vegas, IBM announced we will put POWER systems running Watson as an option on SoftLayer. I saw a demonstration of this technology and it was impressive. After only a few quick clicks to define an environment, a Watson system was automatically created for me in the cloud. Four phases remained:

  1. Upload data
  2. Train Watson on the correct ways to interpret the data
  3. Determine the look and feel for my system
  4. Test that Watson can correctly answer known questions. (Of course, Watson continuously improves its understanding during actual use.)

What amazed me was the ease with which I could get started with those important steps. I can't wait to see what our entrepreneurs will do with this game-changing technology.

By the Superbowl I hope to see a Watson app at our fingertips to tell us anything and everything we'd want to know about the teams, the players, the history, and the games!

Continued success!

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Sandy Carter
General Manager - Ecosystem Development

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