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Sandy Carter

General ManagerEcosystem Development

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Raising the game with Business Tech Trends

September 2014

What sparks your innovation? Pacesetters are 128% more likely to have increased innovation through SaaS The landscape for professional athleticism is vastly different today. Unbridled natural talent, coupled with cutting-edge technology, foster the next generation of athlete: Men and women who can run faster, push harder, and achieve higher. It’s no different for our Business Partners, who have a natural talent and ideas to reach higher, but when coupled with our technologies, the possibilities are truly endless. Our Business Partners understand the importance of having an edge in their respective industries.

I've spoken numerous times about our innovation and involvement in the proliferation of cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, and social (CAMS) technologies. These technologies lead to success for early adopters, and I was thrilled to share this year's findings from the 2014 IBM Business Tech Trends study provided by the IBM Center for Applied Insights.

As part of our Entrepreneur Huddle series of webcasts, we released our findings from data involving over 1,400 decision-makers in 15 industries across five continents. We wanted you to see how organizations using CAMS technologies have become Pacesetters. Pacesetters believe that these technologies are critical to their business success and adopt them ahead of their rivals.

It's not just about the right technology. Core business model changes are imperative in making a strong impact amongst enterprises.

Quotes from the IBM Business Tech Trends webcast speakers #IBMBTT

At its core, Pacesetters have adopted three key philosophies:

We have several services available to help you become a Pacesetter, including IBM Bluemix, IBM SoftLayer, and IBM Watson Analytics.

On Thursday, 21 Aug 2014, I hosted a session called "Raising the game: The IBM Tech Trends Report" with Alistair Rennie, General Manager of IBM Business Analytics; Susanne Hupfer, Research Lead with the IBM Center for Applied Insights; and Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Constellation Research, Inc. I invite you to check out the Business Tech Trends study page for a wealth of information, including a copy of the study and an interactive industry dashboard. (Missed the webcast? You can sign up and view a replay.)

Do you have questions or comments? Please reach out to me on Twitter @sandy_carter or on, my personal blog.

Continued success!

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Sandy Carter
General Manager - Ecosystem Development

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