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Sandy Carter

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BlueMix is getting bigger

May 2014

I am so excited about the impact BlueMix is having with our Business Partners and others who are attracted to doing cloud the IBM way! I told you last month about the 100 Days of BlueMix. Because interest and participation have been so strong we have expanded that into 200 BlueMix Days with live workshops in our Innovation Centers all over the world and digital offerings online. What amazes me most is the speed with which people have been able to execute. We aren't even halfway into the 200 days and I'm already hearing results.

For example, InXero provides a B2B Channel Marketing Showcase Cloud. Working with our Innovation Center in Austin, they successfully tested a "Click to Talk" use case that involved the Twilio BlueMix service.

Another Business Partner, ProjectWare, specializing in Agile Team Project Management, already has a live beta using BlueMix that you can see yourself.

I'm also seeing videos from people who have attended the workshops. Tim Donovan from Virdata deals with the Internet of Things. He sees a lot of value in the flexibility, the quality of the infrastructure, the speed, and simplicity of working with BlueMix. Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero, helps small and medium businesses track and analyze their utilities. He is looking forward to rapidly building and deploying secure applications for a global market.

BlueMix services

One reason Business Partners like InXero, ProjectWare, Virdata, Verdafero, and others can get started so quickly: BlueMix services. Services are self-contained piece of code hosted by BlueMix that provides specific functionality for use in applications. Bluemix services are auto-managed so developers don’t have to manually install operating systems, images, or middleware before deploying and running an app. Simply upload your code and go.

The BlueMix framework and services are built on open standards, making development extremely portable. There are a number of BlueMix services and runtimes currently available addressing a wide range of needs for DevOps, mobile, data management, deployment, and web services. Look at all of these offerings included:

The list includes Agile Planning and Tracking, and many more. In addition, Twilio and Ruby on Rails are just a few of the Partner Services now available with many more in the pipe including:

The list is constantly growing. See more at the BlueMix Beta signup page. You can sign up for the BlueMix Beta without attending a workshop.

I do encourage you to attend a workshop, though. They have consistently been praised for having the right experts on hand to explain the value and services BlueMix provides. Participants get hands-on work with concrete examples that leave them ready to rapidly develop their own proofs of concept and ultimately marketed products. See the opportunities for you to experience going from idea to coding in less than two minutes by registering through the 200 BlueMix Days page.

Now that IBM's BlueMix days have begun, Business Partners are discovering first hand how they can efficiently move into the cloud. Learn more about how they have benefited and how BlueMix has expanded to create even more opportunities for you.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments: My Twitter ID is @sandy_carter and my blog is

Continued success!

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General Manager - Ecosystem Development

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