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Winning with IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment in 3 easy steps

Getting started with IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment

If you need a quick start to understand the benefits of IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment and preview some resources to help make you successful, we invite you to browse through the information below. Take a moment to see how selling IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment can help you close more deals and help your customers stay within budget. IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment is ideal for affordably adding capacity, positioning clients for upgrades, supporting new software and addressing budget or credit challenges. When a client is not ready to migrate to a new IT infrastructure and their existing infrastructure is no longer available in NEW production, IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment can satisfy that client’s solution requirements.

1. What can selling IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment do for me?

2. What tools are available to me to sell financing?

IBM Global Financing will offer you comprehensive training and tools to make you successful. Here is a sampling of some of them.

3. What materials can I use with my clients?

Are you authorized to sell IBM Global Financing?

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