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IBM Software and Middleware

Virtual Loaner Program-Software Access Catalog (VLP-SAC)

We offer free access from Linux and AIX partitions to the VLP-SAC (Software Access Catalog). The VLP-SAC is an entry point to the full IBM Software Group Software Access Catalog which contains current versions of hundreds of downloaded IBM software installation images. Access to this service from the Virtual Loaner Program is provided free of charge, however, the use of this software is limited to use only within the Virtual Loaner Program. Users may not download, copy, install, or use the Programs on any other systems, including systems within their enterprise. The VLP-SAC is available to all countries that PartnerWorld recognizes as allowing click-and-accept agreements - this includes most countries with the exception of Latin American countries, and some middle east and eastern European countries which require paper contracts.

The VLP-SAC may be accessed from any VLP AIX or Linux system (LPar). Access and download are extremely fast and simple to do. Instructions for connecting a VNCViewer and opening a web browser to access the VLP-SAC are contained in the VLP-SAC User Guide posted on the 'How to' page.

IBM Industry Application Platform: preconfigured stack with WebSphere, DB2 and MQ

The IBM Virtual Loaner Program now offers the IBM® Industry Application Platform (IAP) pre-configured stack on AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 systems. The IBM® Industry Application Platform is a pre-configured instance of IBM WebSphere® Application Server, IBM DB2® and WebSphere MQ. For details on how to use the IAP, check out the that is available for your IBM AIX® 6.1 and AIX 7.1 operating- system images on the IBM Virtual Loaner Program (VLP). You can use VLP to develop, test and validate applications by using these products. After reserving your VLP partition, which includes choosing the hardware configuration and operating system, install the IBM Industry Application Platform on that partition.
For details on how to use the IAP, check out the IBM Industry Application Platform VLP guide

IBM i Middleware Images

As IBM i is not currently capable of running an internet browser you cannot access the VLP-SAC from an IBM i partition. For IBM i partitions we offer a comprehensive set of common IBM software within the /stage/middleware/i5OS directory. Please refer to our VLP i5/OS Software User Guide posted on the 'How to' page.

Other sources for IBM Software

You may access IBM Software either from the 'IBM Software Access Catalog for ISVs' if you have purchased the Software Access Option.

You can also get IBM software from the 'Evaluation Software Center for ISVs'. This software download site allows qualified ISVs to obtain the latest level of selected IBM software at no charge. This software may be used only for the express purposes of product evaluation or demonstration.

Note: either of these other sources will require you to FTP or SCP the install images to your VLP partition or to do a network install.

Your non-IBM software or middleware

FTP, SCP, or network install:

You can FTP or SCP your software or install images to your partition or you can do a network install with some operating systems. For information on FTP or SCP or network install please visit our FAQ's.