Bring your solution up to the latest IBM AIX operating environment currently available, IBM AIX Version 7.1. You can also discover more roadmaps for related tasks.

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The AIX® 7.1 operating system helps you maximize your customers' capacity and flexibility. Its 32- and 64-bit binary compatibility with IBM AIX 5L® allows you to protect your development investment by running existing AIX 5L binaries unchanged.

AIX Version 7 offers updates and enhancements to such advanced technologies as workload partitions (WPARs), and role-based access control These features help you increase your server utilization and consolidate your workloads for more efficient management of the system. By migrating your solutions to AIX Version 7, you can join other ISVs that are taking advantage of these features. In the process, you can highlight your company as a solution provider offering among the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.

To help you support AIX Version 7, take advantage of the assembled variety of technical resources that you can tailor to your existing environment. This enablement roadmap organizes the information into steps that you can take today to move up to AIX Version 7, allowing you to benefit from the expanded capabilities of this version.