Integrating the Enterprise with Lotus.

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The IBM® System i™ continues to have a huge portfolio of solid, functionally rich, legacy business applications. Since the release of OS/400® V4R2, Lotus® Domino® has also been a significant part of the System i portfolio. With Domino, System i servers can run collaborative, workflow, Web-enabled applications that are written for the Domino environment.

Enterprise application integration is a technology sector where Domino for System i provides many actual and quantifiable benefits. For example, incorporating backend data into everyday business processes and tasks maximizes the value of Domino applications. Domino provides core technologies for the security and control of business processes, forms routing, and approvals management. With new enterprise integration technologies, Domino applications are now able to incorporate traditionally difficult-to-reach data that becomes a key component of managed business processes.

Real-time collaboration, e-commerce, wireless computing, and mobile workforces all need to associate the power of groupware tools and the strengths of enterprise integration. Domino front-office applications can exploit the power and functionality of iSystem i5-driven back-office solutions. Users want access, from a single place, to all the appropriate data for their individual application needs. They do not want to be concerned about where the data is stored. Nor should they have to open a second application to find or update the data they need. For Domino, this means that either the Domino application contains the right data that has already been replicated from an System i — an option very important to mobile users — or that the application can access DB2 Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB) for System i in realtime. Therefore, an application designer must relate the various applications to its many different sources of data.

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