This roadmap helps IBM System i™ portal application developers create applications for IBM WebSphere® Portal for i5/OS. It also provides useful product details and benefits of WebSphere Portal on the System i platform.

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Transform the way people access your business. Leverage the Web browser as a portal — a single point of access to your business that connects users with the key business processes, information, and people they need. Organize the work activities of your employees around a highly secure, single point of access to your business information, corporate applications, human resources and a collaboration environment that allows them to find and work with each other — from anywhere in the world . Provide your customers with a single place on the Web where they can order your products, provide you with valuable feedback, manage their accounts, or communicate in real time with your customer support team. Portal even allows you to use its customization capabilities to allow access to resources based on different roles and responsibilities in your organization. Now imagine these capabilities provided by your IBM System i platform. That's the power of IBM WebSphere Portal.

WebSphere Portal can provide a window to your System i applications and data that you've invested in over the years, allowing you to leverage them in ways you've never thought possible.

This roadmap guides you in the process of integrating and designing System i applications with IBM WebSphere Portal.

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