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ARCAD-Observer Extension For Rational Team Concert 8.9

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The aim of the ARCAD-Observer solution is to bring easy to use application intelligence, for maintaining and transferring knowledge of existing systems, to your organization. Whether the context is application maintenance or modernization, the basic needs are the same: to find information and have ready access to technical documentation that is guaranteed to be relevant and up to date. To reach that goal ARCAD-Observer gives full control over the technical knowledge of existing applications. Directly accessible thru the RTC and RDP environment, it allows both developers and business analysts to graphically navigate throughout the internal architecture of legacy applications as well as n-tier architectures. With ARCAD-Observer, new staff members are productive more rapidly, the lifetime of applications is extended, and legal obligations are fulfilled. ARCAD-Observer references all dependencies between applications and components down to the field and source line level. You can analyze the information flow across processes and quickly identify business rules contained in the code. Its built-in diagram editor displays information as graphics. You can enhance these diagrams and assemble them in a technical documentation. Certainly the most important aspect in code comprehension is understanding database architecture. ARCAD-Observer analyzes the links between data files and reproduces them in the form of data models and resolves database re-engineering issues.

Business information

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  • + Functional details

    The ARCAD-Observer Extension For Rational Team Concert offers the capabilities to: • Automatically calculate the cross-references during the post-build process • Query the cross-references directly from the files of the repository workspace.

  • + Competitive advantage

    ARCAD-Observer relies upon a central repository. The ARCAD process allows finding and recording all the dependencies between components and fields down to the source line level. With ARCAD-Observer you can navigate throughout the different dependencies from the highest entity (the application) down to the finest (the source line). The days of obsolete or inexistent documentation are over. With ARCAD-Observer, developers can keep their documentation up to date with minimal effort. An integrated diagram editor makes it possible for you to generate many types of diagrams such as database relationship model, inter-program flows and even links between functional domains. The “documenter” feature will automatically generate technical documentation from a given set of components.

  • + Industries

    Aerospace & Defense Industry
    Automotive Industry
    Banking Industry
    Computer Services Industry
    Financial Markets Industry
    Government, State/Provincial/Local Industry
    Healthcare Industry
    Industrial Products Industry
    Insurance Industry
    Life Sciences Industry
    Media & Entertainment Industry
    Retail Industry
    Telecommunications Industry
    Travel & Transportation Industry
    Wholesale Distribution & Services Industry

  • + Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)
    Midmarket Business (500 to 1000 employees)
    Large Business (greater than 1000 employees)

  • + Languages supported


  • + Countries/regions available for distribution

Technical information

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  • + Hardware/OS platforms

    IBM i (i5 formerly i5/OS V5)
       IBM Systems: System i
    Windows Server 2003
       Other non-IBM servers
       IBM Systems: System x
    Windows XP family
       Other non-IBM servers
       IBM Systems: IntelliStation Pro
    Other Windows
       Other non-IBM servers
       IBM Systems: IntelliStation Pro
       IBM Systems: System x
    i 5.4
       IBM Systems: System i
    IBM i 6.1
       IBM Systems: System i
    IBM i 7.1
       IBM Systems: System i

  • + Services

    Services: Application Management

  • + Software

    IBM Rational
          Rational Developer for Power Systems Software
          Rational Development Studio for i
          Rational Team Concert

Date last modified:    Jan 14, 2013


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