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Support Line - Europe / Middle East / Africa

Support Line Overview

IBM Support Line offerings provide a range of remote technical assistance and support services to answer usage, installation and technical questions on specific IBM and non-IBM software environments.


High-quality telephone based remote technical support for IBM and select multivendor software including:

Support Line provides:


In today's mixed computing environments, there is an increasing need to make systems available to the business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many customers are looking to increase the productivity of their Information technology (IT) staff through access to prompt and accurate technical support.

IBM Support Line is an established effective and efficient technical help line service providing high quality software support for both IBM and selected non-IBM operating systems and associated software products. Customers enjoy the benefits of a single point of contact, easy access to skilled and experienced personnel, fast and accurate problem resolution with support tailored to customer needs. Support Line can compliment existing staff, enabling customers to concentrate on providing an excellent service to their own customers and also enjoy reassurance and peace of mind.

Value Proposition

Support Line is designed to increase client’s IT staff productivity by providing prompt and accurate remote support. This single, integrated remote support solution helps support products such as Linux / Microsoft Windows, VMware SAN, NAS, CISCO, Citrix, and storage and networking products.

Business issues that drive software support requirements from our clients:


Benefits experienced by our clients:

Why use IBM Support Line

Examples of Support Line offerings:

Support Line for Linux

Our Support Line for Linux covers all major Linux distributions running on any IBM hardware platform. With Support Line you are not locked into a single Linux distributor. We provide defect and problem support but also configuration, migration, usage and other support questions/answers.

Support Line for VMware

Our Support Line for VMware offering provides software support on current levels of the VMware operating system and associated VMware products. This offering compliments VMware solutions running on IBM System x and BladeCenter solutions or those of 3 rd parties.

Support Line for z/OS

The Support Line for z/OS offering helps support clients running enterprise systems and meets their needs for high availability and quality in the support they receive.

Support Line for Microsoft Windows

The Support Line for Microsoft Windows offering provides support for the Microsoft Windows operating system and application environments on IBM or non-IBM servers and desktops and compliments. The service offering can compliment the support we provide on other platforms or be used standalone.

Support Line for SAN & NAS

Support Line for SAN helps IT and Operation managers and their teams tackle these issues by providing specialist support, featuring fast and effective problem resolution resulting in maximised system value. Support Line for SAN provides direct access to highly trained storage specialists with links into IBM's hardware development labs.

Support Line for Disk & Tape Storage Devices

Support Line for Disk and Tape Storage Devices provides specialist defect and non-defect support including hardware 'how to' on a variety of IBM Mid-range and Enterprise Storage Devices.

Please review the relevant terms and conditions below :

Statement of Work for Remote Technical Support Services (by country)