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ServicePac Services

Warranty Service Upgrade

Warranty Service Upgrade enhances the level of service from the Base Warranty Service associated with the machine type/model.

Warranty Service Upgrades can include single elements or combinations of:

The Warranty Service Upgrade period starts at the same time as the Base Warranty Service.

Post Warranty Services

Post Warranty Services provides continuity of service after Base Warranty Service or Warranty Service Upgrade expires.

Post Warranty Services can include single elements or combinations of:

Remote Technical Support

IBM will provide remote assistance in the form of software support (via telephone from an IBM support center)
In providing this service, IBM will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond by telephone to your service requests within two hours (during prime shift) and provide remote assistance for basic, short-duration installation, usage, configuration questions, and questions regarding IBM Supported Product publications.

For IBM products included within this group, IBM will provide remote assistance for code-related problem questions, diagnostic information review to assist in isolation of a problem cause, and for known defects, make available corrective service information and program fixes which you are entitled to receive under the terms of your IBM license.

For non-IBM products, IBM will assist you with isolating the problem cause and providing you with recovery information, if available, from the vendor. IBM will provide corrective service information and program fixes, if available and IBM is authorized to provide to you for known defects. If a new (unknown) defect is identified, IBM will report it to the appropriate vendor and notify you of IBM's actions. At this point, IBM support shall be fulfilled. Resolution of these problems is the responsibility of the vendor.

This service will be provided during: