Enterprise Service

Enterprise Service (ES) Overview

ES is supported by a single contract that may include ALL the support requirements for the customer. Building on the basic maintenance service and including Enhanced Technical Support customers may select additional high value service options from the full range of the IBM Integrated Technology Services (ITS) portfolio including cover for non-IBM HW and SW products.

As the name implies ES is the ideal flexible contracting vehicle for large enterprise customers with a critical business dependence on IT systems. With ES the customer may create a customised , integrated , committed service which fully supports his system availability requirements, regardless of the make-up and complexity of the IT infrastructure.

ES customers benefit from on going guidance by IBM specialist teams who will help to define, plan and budget for their support needs. ES will accommodate ongoing changes to the customer’s HW and SW inventory, minimising associated administative workload for the customer. ES customers are assured a premium service in all their dealings with IBM.

All customers/Enterprises with a qualifying processor or non-IBM equivalent are eligible for ES - please see Eligible Machine List below.

ES is only available directly from IBM.

Service Level information for this offering can be found in the Service Level References section.