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IBM at CeBIT 2017. March 20th to 24th, Hannover.
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Why IBM at CeBIT?

  • Beyond Artificial Intelligence: IBM Watson
  • More than a platform: IBM Cloud for innovative companies in a cognitive world
  • More than just examples: Cognitive industry cases from around the world


IBM Watson

IBM Watson represents a new age in computing - the cognitive era. While conventional systems process data on the basis of algorithms, cognitive systems such as Watson learn with each interaction and grow their subject matter expertise. Their great advantage: people can communicate with them in natural language.

At CeBIT, you can experience how Watson technology can help us in everyday life: as a helpful banker named Pepper (YouTube, 01:53) or in form of the intelligent, autonomous driving Olli Bus (YouTube, 03:48).

IBM Watson
Actionable insights and advice in seconds instead od days with IBM Watson

Cognitive Business

At CeBIT we’ll show you how some of our customers in the finance and insurance sectors, the manufacturing industry, the public sector, and healthcare are using digital intelligence to go beyond conventional digital business and evolve into companies and organizations that always stay a step ahead of their rivals and offer new kinds of products and services.

One notable example is Woodside (YouTube, 01:55), an Australian oil and gas company which utilizes IBM Watson to make better use of the decades of knowledge and experience gathered by Woodside (YouTube, 01:55) experts in the design, production and setting-up of production platforms.

Actionable insights and advice in seconds instead od days with IBM Watson

Cognitive Expertise

Evolving into a cognitive business generates new knowledge and new skills in the workforce. It also creates completely new professions such as the ‘data scientist’. Businesses can find answers to lots of questions using established IBM analytics solutions – including Cloud solutions. The aim is to make big data and analytics applications directly available to corporate departments in self-service form – in every industry and sector.

At CeBIT, together with The Weather Company, we’ll show you the importance of weather data for companies on several wall installations based on different scenarios.

IBM | The Weather Company
Cognitive Ways to Work

Cognitive Ways to Work

Visit IBM at CeBIT and experience the vision of ‘Cognitive Ways to Work’. It doesn’t matter where and how you work: digitalizing your tasks and virtualizing your workplace will change your working day. The conventional physical workplace is evolving steadily towards a modern ‘thinkplace’, especially for skilled professionals and knowledge workers. Tomorrow’s working environments will be modern, flexible thinkplaces incorporating customized cognitive solutions for mobile and virtual working in different branches of industry.

For us, ‘Cognitive Ways to Work’ consists of three main components: what do I work with and what equipment do I use? How do I work and what processes do I apply? Which figures, facts, and data help me with my work?

Cognitive Ways to Work

Cognitive Infrastructure

The role of information technology in businesses is changing ever faster. Companies are at different stages of digitalization: from focusing purely on cost and efficiency at one end of the spectrum, all the way through to cognitive businesses employing new business models at the other.

IBM offers you the right infrastructure whatever stage you’re at, including the associated services for every degree of virtualization on premises, in the Cloud, or hybrid, providing a secure foundation for modern IT and illustrating how you can succeed using new business models on that solid basis. On top of that, experience how IBM Watson helps to identify and ward off threats with cognitive abilities!

Outthink threats
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Cognitive Network

Today’s business environment is increasingly complex and collaboration is essential in order to master it for the benefit of customers and shape it positively. This includes collaboration between us as manufacturers and our partners. Our objective is to combine our products, services, and expertise in such a way that our customers notice the added value.Innovation is another part of our DNA and this involves new thinking for our customers, our partners, and society in general. That’s why IBM focuses on working with different partners, especially start-ups and founder networks all around the world.

Together with established and new companies, IBM will present ways in which IBM technology and cognitive APIs can be used to develop new applications quickly and flexibly in order to create industry-specific solutions for our customers.

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