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At CeBIT 2016, discover how IBM is offering your company more freedom to develop revolutionary business models and competitive advantages.

The focus is on the cognitive computing system IBM Watson: the system that has been developed to understand natural language and provide answers to questions you might not even have thought of yet - the system with cognitive technologies and capabilities that make cognitive business possible

Take a step towards cognitive business with IBM and Watson and visit us at CeBIT 2016 (Hall 2, Stand A10).

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise: Cognitive Computing and Blockchain


Cognitive Computing and Blockchain:
Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise @ CeBIT 2016

Is your industry facing a data explosion?
Unleash IBM Watson’s cognitive technologies to understand, reason and learn from this data to change the future, predict product trends, or discover completely new materials.
Have you heard about blockchain? Banks and insurances are pioneers in exploring the possibilities, but the potential uses range far beyond these industries.

Join the exclusive CTO Workshop to learn more about cognitive computing and blockchain from IBM scientists from Zurich.



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Watson is designed to take data in all its forms—including unstructured—and understand it, reason through it and learn from it. In a sense, Watson can think. When Watson thinks with you, you can outthink.


Watson at work

Since its introduction in 2011, IBM Watson has evolved from a first-of-a-kind status, to a commercial cognitive computing system. At CeBIT you will see a broad selection of apps, use cases and demos from different industries such as banking, retail and telecommunications. You can discover how Watson has infused robotics, enabling them to understand and answer questions in real time, opening up new possibilities for the use of robotics in business scenarios. Watson is powered by 28 cloud-based APIs - on our CeBIT booth you can discover all these APIs, clarify technical questions with our Subject Matter Experts und discuss how you can take advantage and become a cognitive business

Watson University Program

Interested in developing apps or using cognitive technology? If you're a student or teacher, the Watson University Program is the right place to get started. At CeBIT you can discover how students from various universities are already using Watson technology. They will be showcasing their current projects and sharing their experiences working with Watson









As part of a Cognitive strategy, organizations can transform their industry and professions with data. IBM Analytics enables anyone to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas.


Strategic Partnerships

Fueled by increasing types and sources of data, insight from analytics is redefining what's possible. Through strategic partnerships, IBM gives businesses clarity and confidence to act on the important signals for competitive advantage by knowing more about a person, event, place and thing from social, news, event and weather data, and instrumented machines and devices. More Info (US)

Industry Hub

IBM’s Industry Analytics Solutions deliver transformative insights to the business decision-maker. See these solutions in action for banking, insurance, retail and public as well as automotive and telco industry. The Industry Hub also offers solutions for Lines of Business like finance.










Cloud enables enables every Start Up to get access to efficient tools and infrastructures, which enable it to transform ideas into new business models and disseminate them in the market without considerable investments.



Technologies enable companies to follow new paths, develop new business models and question existing models. Cloud Computing provides these companies with access to efficient tools and infrastructures that aid in translating ideas into business models and to establish them in the market. Innovation constitutes the best strategy to react to changes in the markets. By means of examples, we show how companies succeed in leveraging innovation through the use of technologies in order to obtain competitive advantages.


Mobile applications have long defined our daily lives. They help us with the organization of our daily routine and they provide us with information, wherever and whenever we want. In the business environment, mobile applications are the method of choice for communicating with clients and partners. We are showing how cloud technologies help in developing and translating mobile business models. Skidata and Lufthansa Industry Solutions serve as two examples, for how companies use mobile technologies to further develop their business models for a continuously growing market.


Hybrid cloud environments are at the heart of digital transformations. They can be individually adjusted to business needs and grow with increasing demands and growing requirements. Companies get the opportunity to adapt in a quick and flexible manner to the constant changes in the market. Hybrid cloud environments help companies in performing a balancing act between the demands of existing business models and -processes and the necessary innovativeness.









We are always mobile "on" and we are more and liking and sharing not only on the social web. This has dramatic impact on our daily business life as employees, business partners or customers. More on this in our Engagement Zone.


IBM and Apple

Together with Apple IBM is developing mobile apps, which provide enterprises new opportunities in Customer Service, Sales and a lot of other departments. Customers like the Austrain Railway (ÖBB), like electricity and gas company RWE or like Bosch SiemensHausgeräte, the leading manufacturer of home appliances, are building on these capabilities. Stop by on our booth and find the solutions for your industry!

New Way to Work

Our "Office" is dramatically changing due to the mobile and digital transformation. We need easy to use tools for communication and collaboration. The IBM Connections Suite including IBM Verse, Chat, Online Meetings, real time editing and much more is a superior solution for you, on mobile devices, in the cloud or on premises. 







Internet of Things


By connecting the digital and physical worlds, the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new opportunities in every industry. The IBM IoT zone helps you explore yours. Discover Industrie 4.0 use cases, new or disruptive business models, innovative products and services – all fueled by IoT solutions available today.


Outthink Downtime

Sophisticated predictive maintenance: unplanned outage of production is history. See how the production system judges and evaluates the significance of an event in order to take necessary countermeasures in advance, how it conducts root cause analysis and initiates an action plan. Even further, the production system is able to search for information about possible issues of standard components in multiple sources - online and offline.

Build your own!

Discover how products and services become way more intelligent and build your own IoT scenario! Connect a sensor or your smart phone to a gateway or directly to the IBM IoT cloud. Experience how easy 'things' are connected to the Internet. On a monitor you will see the data created by those sensors or devices and how it is sent to the cloud. Move devices or change the conditions for the sensors and observe how the data changes accordingly. Get a first-hand impression how agile the system reacts and works!

Intelligent buildings powered by IoT

See how IoT can make buildings more intelligent by leveraging the Internet of Things for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the buildings in a real estate portfolio. By using sensors for measurement and control any changes in and around the building can be recorded in real time, allowing technical or security service to intervene immediately on the spot if needed. Your building portfolio turns into a smart building campus using IoT solutions that are available out-of-the-box today.









Meet digital expectations means becoming a better service provider by mastering hybrid cloud. See how it’s done on our CeBIT Demo Area


Meet our Systems Experts

Meet the best IBM Systems Experts to discuss your way into the hybrid cloud

Solutions for the Next Gen Infrastructure

Learn how IBM Systems solutions can help you master current and future challenges in the API and Cognitive Economy though real time analytics, integration of mobile services and service predictability









New technological capabilities come with new vulnerabilities. How fast can you address an attack when your solutions aren’t integrated?


“A New Approach To Security” Tour

While you're reading this, attackers are persistently working to breach your network. They will use increasingly sophisticated methods to find a way in. Do you have the visibility to spot them? Join the IBM "New Approach to Security" expedition and experience firsthand how you can protect your company against those attacks. Take part in the brief guided Security tour and discover at different stops why IBM Enterprise Security Portfolio is unmatched in its ability to provide multilayer of protection from today’s sophisticated threats and protects companies around the world. Explore how IBM Security ensures the highest levels of security across cloud computing, mobile devices, data, networks and applications. At the end of the tour we welcome you at the IBM Security Operation Center and you can experience during a live demo how to protect against Advanced Persistent Threats.

Connected Vehicle Security

Think about how much time and energy driver devote to routine upkeep of their car: oil changes, required repairs and even visits to the dealership to address potential safety recalls. However, many probably haven’t spent as much time thinking about a potential hack of their car’s software applications. Some might not even be aware that today’s cars are powered by complex, integrated computer systems –with some vehicles containing more than 100 engine control units coming from different suppliers, up to 100 million lines of code and multiple wireless network interfaces are used parallel for communication. These microprocessors run everything from dashboard “infotainment”systems to critical systems that control the car’s transmission, engine and exhaust systems.

Therefore IBM has proposed a new Security Model: Driving Security. This Secure System is able to enables new service models, reduce costs and loss of reputation, act as basic for autonomous driving and empower car2x communication via securing connection and data. Take a ride with us in the driving simulator at the IBM Security Zone and learn more about connected vehicle Security.









Find out more about the IBM Startup Program and how IBM can boost your start-up with technology and business mentoring.


IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

Through the global program, startups will receive up to $120,000 worth of credits to put towards IBM Cloud usage, giving them the instant infrastructure needed to quickly launch their businesses and bringing innovations to market. Entrepreneurs will be given access to the entire IBM Cloud portfolio built on cloud infrastructure from IBM SoftLayer and IBM Bluemix, the cloud platform for app development with more than 100 runtimes and services from IBM, Open Source and 3rd party providers. We invited 12 international startups from the partner network to present their solutions on IBM Cloud.

Experience the IBM MakerSpace

The IBM MakerSpace is meeting point and showcase area for developers and geeks. Experience the possibilities of IBM Cloud & Cognitive computing around Watson, IoT, Big Dat & Analytics and more. Here you see live, what’s made with IBM technology…and test it yourself!


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