IBM at CeBIT 2015

success made with IBM
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Are You Ready for the Next Chapter in Your Story of Success?

Under the slogan „success made with IBM” IBM presented at CeBIT 2015, for instance, how cloud concepts will revolutionize your business processes or how connectivity across multiple new channels can ensure successful interaction with your customers.



IBM at CeBIT 2015 in hall 2, booth A10
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Is your infrastructure ready for your ideas?

Companies want transparent communication with their customers and partners, more flexible opportunities for their employees, and have the challenge to expand their business operations.

All this is made possible by a mobile, fast and intelligently open infrastructure comprising server and storage solutions, optimised for cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security.

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Dr. Watson, Please Take Over!

Hospitals are getting support – from Watson the supercomputer. It scans databases and compares the results with medical images to deliver faster and better patient treatment.

But Lufthansa Systems also uses IBM Big Data and Analytics components to improve processes: Which plane is delayed? How can passengers still be brought to their destination on time?

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Cloud Unlimited!

Start-up founders are almost bursting with innovative ideas – and we help to develop them and put them into practice.

As part of the IBM Global Entrepreneur initiative, we are working with 6,000 start-ups around the world to push the limits of cloud computing to the maximum.

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Ropey Skis? No Chance!

Every year, 400,000 people slide across deep and powdery snow on Blizzard skis. Mistakes in production on such a large scale are not only fatal for business – they are also dangerous.

Using a process management system from IBM and sensor technology, Blizzard is able to prevent such mistakes, providing its customers with perfect winter sports equipment.

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Blood Sugar Test on a Smartphone?!

Diabetizer is a health app that makes life easier for people with diabetes. It integrates biometric data from mobile devices and makes it possible to analyze medical information at any time and place – using the cloud platform IBM Bluemix.

But other areas of life also benefit from mobile technology: marketing investment company Deutsche Vermögensberatung uses our IBM Mobile First solutions, developed in collaboration with Apple, to enhance customer service.

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Is Your Personal Assistant Always with You?

It never sleeps, it is capable of learning, and it supports you in all your tasks: IBM Verse is based on analytics and shows you at a glance what is on your to-do list. It can also identify your priorities by itself.

The user interface brings together a wide range of communication tools, from e-mail and a calendar to social media and video chats.

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Crime Industry 4.0? Not with Us!

Valuables are not only kept in a safe nowadays – they can also be found online. The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 have given cybercriminals new ways

of obtaining financial information from companies – and the IBM Security Framework is there to stop them!

Industrie 4.0 

Intelligent machines for clever people

Nowadays people want to network their systems and machines regardless of manufacturer, achieve effective standardisation using IT technologies, and in the end adapt their entire product life-cycles

to their customers’ requirements and achieve Batch Size 1. For this IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio that helps you take important steps towards Industry 4.0, thereby turning vision into reality.

IBM at CeBIT 2015

Urban Art Cloud

With a special digital canvas and live projection mapping CeBIT-visitors could unleash their inner artist mapping on a big 3D model of a city skyline at the IBM booth. The results can be admired in our virtual art gallery:

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