IBM risk analytics solutions enable the world’s most successful companies to make risk-aware decisions through smarter enterprise risk management programs and methodologies—driving business performance and better outcomes.

The combined risk management capabilities of IBM® Algorithmics® and IBM OpenPages® can help your company achieve profitable growth and address increasing demands for regulatory compliance in today’s volatile and complex market conditions.

IBM risk analytics solutions enable you to:

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IBM risk analytics solutions help drive business performance and better outcomes.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Regulatory compliance

    Provides integrated solutions to help you sustain profitability and improve decision making while keeping pace with increasing regulatory demands.

  • Market Risk Management

    Market risk management

    Provides institutions with a scalable, integrated risk platform to measure, manage, and control capital market exposures across asset and liability functions.

  • Credit Risk Management

    Credit risk management

    Delivers near real-time access to accurate, integrated credit data, enabling financial institutions to meet regulatory expectations, enhance decision making and maximize financial performance.

  • Liquidity Risk Management

    Liquidity risk management

    Offers balance sheet professionals a simulation-based framework to handle sophisticated products, address regulatory requirements and support advanced calculations such as stochastic scenarios.

  • Governance, risk and compliance

    Governance, risk and compliance

    Manages risk and compliance initiatives across the enterprise to reduce loss, improve decision making about resource allocation, and optimize business performance.

  • IBM OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management

    IBM OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management

    Consolidates the policy and compliance management process in a single solution, and manages regulatory change and regulator interaction.

  • IBM OpenPages IT Governance

    IBM OpenPages IT Governance

    Builds and maintains a sustainable IT risk and compliance approach to meet the challenges posed by sensitive data, technology assets and evolving regulatory requirements.

  • Actuarial Modeling

    Actuarial modeling

    Provides key decision-makers in insurance firms with critical business information for managing risk, meeting regulatory obligations and protecting shareholder value.

IBM is a leading provider in the development and delivery of enterprise risk solutions that enable growth, innovation and the efficient use of capital. Many of the most successful global organizations rely on IBM software, content, delivery and advisory services to make risk-aware business decisions and to meet regulatory requirements.

Featured products

  • Algo

    IBM® Algorithmics® products

    Helps businesses to gain transparency into financial risks in advance, providing information that is vital to an organization.

  • OpenPages

    IBM OpenPages® products

    Allows your organization to manage enterprise operational risk and compliance initiatives using a single, integrated solution.

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