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Guide decisions with forward-looking insights

IBM predictive analytics can take you from guesswork to prediction by showing you where you are now, and where you can go next. It empowers you to analyze trends, patterns and relationships in your structured and unstructured data, apply those insights to predict future events, and act to achieve your desired outcomes.

Whether you work in marketing, customer service, sales, finance, operations or another area of your business, IBM predictive analytics software puts a wealth of advanced capabilities at your fingertips where you need them—on premises, on cloud or as a hybrid solution. Our portfolio of products combines statistical analysis, predictive modeling, decision optimization and scoring, data collection and more, providing you with the tools to solve all of your organization’s data challenges more quickly and with better results.

Predictive analytics solutions from IBM are designed to meet the needs of many different users and skill levels, from beginners to experienced analysts. And they allow organizations of every size, from small and midsize businesses to the largest enterprises, to guide tactical and strategic decisions with the power of predictive intelligence.

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Learn more about how your organization can gain deep customer insights, improve operational efficiency and minimize threats and fraud by visiting these IBM predictive analytics solution pages.

  • IBM Predictive Modeling

    IBM Predictive Modeling

    Discover hidden relationships in your structured and unstructured data. Try it on IBM® Bluemix™.

  • Customer analytics

    Customer analytics

    Predict what customers want to win more business and improve satisfaction and retention.

  • Operational analytics

    Operational analytics

    Make operational improvements in near real time that maximize productivity and profitability.

  • Predictive analytics for big data

    Predictive analytics for big data

    Capitalize on the promise of big data with predictive analytics based on an integrated and open architecture that supports popular Hadoop distributions.

Discover how your organisation can gain the full capabilities and benefits of predictive analytics with this portfolio of featured software from IBM.

Featured products

  • IBM SPSS Modeler

    IBM SPSS Modeler

    Build and deploy predictive models directly into your business processes for the right decisions every time.

  • IBM SPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud

    IBM SPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud

    Bring predictive intelligence to everyday business problems, enabling front-line employees or systems to make more effective decisions and improve outcomes.

  • IBM SPSS Analytic Server

    IBM SPSS Analytic Server

    Analyze big data to gain predictive insights and build effective business strategies.

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