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IBM X-Force Research and Development is one of the most renowned commercial security research and development teams in the world.

These security professionals monitor and analyze security issues from a variety of sources, including its database of more than 88,000 computer security vulnerabilities, its global web crawler with over 25B catalogued web pages and URLS, international spam collectors, and millions of malware samples collected daily.

The X-Force produces many thought leadership assets including the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly report to help customers, fellow researchers and the public at large better understand the latest security risks, and stay ahead of emerging threats. In addition to the quarterly report, regular blogs are posted from SecurityIntelligence.com, as well as webinars and research papers based on insights from our Managed Security Services business.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly

The Internet continues to connect more people, places and things, resulting in a new range of security risks. Today the Internet of Things seems more of a curiosity than a valid business concern, but hardware manufacturers have an opportunity to head off potential vulnerabilities and security issues. Likewise, organizations have an opportunity to leverage IP reputations to ward off malicious traffic before it enters their network.

  • IoT: As with other broad categories of technology, such as Cloud or Mobile, the IoT can offer productivity and quality-of-life improvements, but it can drag in its wake a host of unknown security threats.
  • Bad Reputation: Who’s the top offender for malware hosting? It’s not surprising that countries with greater numbers of technology users and service providers figure higher in the rankings, but where the top malware hosts are concentrated may surprise you.

Research Publications

The IBM X-Force Research and Development team provides the foundation for a preemptive approach to Internet security. This group of security experts researches and evaluates vulnerabilities and security issues, develops assessment and countermeasure technology for IBM products and educates the public about emerging Internet threats. These insights are shared via blogs, papers, webinars, infographics, and interactive data visualizations.

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IBM X-Force hosts and attends a number of events in the security industry, in addition to social media. Meet our experts at one them.


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