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The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit Uses IBM Technology to Improve Safety and Reliability

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OAKLAND, Calif. - 07 Oct 2009: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) will use IBM software to manage the purchasing, inventory, and maintenance systems that support trains, stations, equipment and operations. The use of this software is expected to contribute to more efficient operations, improved service and enhanced passenger safety. As part of a multi-year modernization project that includes updating and integrating existing equipment as well as adding new rail cars to the fleet, BART will use the software to know the condition and location of all of its assets and efficiently manage the parts and people required to fix problems - often before problems arise.

BART provides an alternative to driving on bridges and highways while decreasing travel time and the number of cars on the road. With more than 346,000 passengers riding every day, the rail system connects San Francisco to cities in the East Bay and suburbs in northern San Mateo County. To continue to serve the public's growing transportation needs, BART is undergoing a vast modernization that includes station overhauls, new rail cars, and route extensions. 

"There are thousands of people and parts responsible for making sure that our trains arrive on time and deliver our passengers safely to their destinations," said Randall Franklin, Program Director, Business Advancement Program, Bay Area Rapid Transit. "Because we are managing an aging fleet while planning for the future, the efficiency of BART requires visibility across all of our assets to provide safe and uninterrupted railway services to our customers." 

BART will use IBM Maximo software to conduct analysis and schedule maintenance before a part or system fails. The software will also help BART make sure they have the right parts available before they are needed, and eliminate parts that are no longer used. The intelligent asset management software will allow BART to continuously evaluate and implement improvements while better planning jobs for a more efficient workforce. This will help BART manage tightened budgets with fewer resources, maintain its high standards for service and reliability, and meet the challenges of future expansion. 

"BART manages the nation's fifth busiest rapid transit system responsible for transporting hundreds of thousands of business and leisure travelers every day," said Ken Donnelly, worldwide Maximo industry lead, IBM. "IBM is helping BART better manage and maintain its existing assets while adding new equipment and rail cars to its inventory. Even as BART grows and extends its service area, the software manages and integrates equipment in line with efficient business processes and operations." 

The IBM software will help BART prepare for the purchase, testing and acceptance of new rail cars. IBM Maximo software will help BART adopt international standards for inventory conventions and provides complete visibility into all assets and services allowing it to better address regulatory requirements. 

IBM is a leader in building smarter rail networks around the world including projects in China, The Netherlands, Russia, and Taiwan. Earlier this year IBM opened a Global Rail Innovation Center in Beijing in an effort to bring together rail leaders from around the world. Members of the new rail center share best practices and innovative approaches to building safer, faster and more efficient rail systems. 

Beyond rail projects like the one with BART, IBM has researchers and consultants building intelligent transportation systems around the world in an effort to ease traffic congestion and improve environmental conditions. IBM has already helped build smarter transportation systems across Asia, Europe and in the United States. 

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