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Smarter Buildings

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By adding a layer of intelligence, elements of a building including temperature, electricity, ventilation, water, waste management, telecommunications, and physical security can now be integrated for better management and control. Smarter, more sustainable buildings can quickly sense and respond at every system level possible.

News releases
Date Title
28 Jan 2013 IBM Helps Cities Nationwide Make the Grade for K-12 School Districts
21 May 2012 IBM Smart Building Technology to Increase U.S. Federal Buildings Energy Efficiency
05 Mar 2012 IBM Helps Los Angeles Schools Create Smarter, Greener Campuses
05 Mar 2012 U.S. Air Force Taps IBM for Mission to Improve Building Performance
05 Mar 2012 IBM Transforms The Louvre into Europe's First Smarter Museum
02 Mar 2012 New IBM Smarter Buildings Analytics to Help CFOs Prepare for Major Accounting Shift
23 Jun 2011 IBM Reduces $50 Million in Electricity Expenses, Boosts Conservation Efforts
09 Jun 2011 IBM and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collaborate to Preserve Works of Art
09 Jun 2011 IBM and Tulane University Usher in a New Era for Smarter Buildings in New Orleans
23 Mar 2011 City University of New York and IBM to Reduce Energy Consumption in Public School Buildings
22 Mar 2011 IBM to Acquire TRIRIGA, Inc. to Accelerate Smarter Buildings Transformation
28 Feb 2011 IBM Works With McMaster University to Create First Canadian Energy-Smart Buildings on Campus
20 Jan 2011 Mayor Bloomberg Launches NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center
28 Jul 2010 IBM and Tridium, Inc. to Develop New Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings
29 Apr 2010 IBM Survey Shows Strengths, Gaps in U.S. Office Buildings
29 Apr 2010 IBM Makes Buildings Smarter With Drawbase Software
23 Feb 2010 Galveston National Labs Employs IBM Software to Help Fight Infectious Disease
23 Feb 2010 Tennessee Valley Authority Goes Live With IBM Software To Streamline Fleet Operations
22 Feb 2010 IBM Launches New Era of Smarter Buildings
22 Feb 2010 IBM and Ricoh Deliver Intelligent Print Monitoring and Management System
22 Feb 2010 IBM and Johnson Controls Join Forces to Make Buildings Smarter
17 Dec 2009 IBM Reveals Five Innovations that Will Change Cities in the Next Five Years
14 Jul 2009 China Hangzhou Dragon Hotel Selects IBM to Implement Smart Hotel Transformation Project
23 Jun 2009 IBM Forms Green Sigma™ Coalition; Partners With Metering, Monitoring, Automation, Communication, Software Leaders for 'Green' Solutions


  • Clark Country School District

    Clark Country School District

    Date added: 28 Jan 2013

    Clark County School District in Nevada is the fifth largest school district in the country. This map indicates the locations of the 392 schools and administrative buildings across the 8,000 square mile school district. IBM Maximo software has streamlined CCSD's method for prioritizing, responding and repairing more than 110,000 work orders generated each year across the school district. (Photo courtesy of Clark County School District)

  • Portland Heater

    Portland Heater

    Date added: 28 Jan 2013

    Buildings used by the Portland, Oregon, public school system are on average nearly 70-years-old. This heater is an example of some of the aging infrastructure the schools are dependent on to maintain a safe and comfortable learning environment for students. With IBM Smarter Building technology Portland Public Schools are improving modernization efforts and more efficiently prioritizing repairs. (Photo courtesy of Portland Public Schools)

  • Portland Cracked Windowsill

    Portland Cracked Windowsill

    Date added: 28 Jan 2013

    This cracked windowsill at a school building in Portland, Oregon, is an example of the types of structural repairs needed across Portland Public School buildings. With IBM Smarter Building technology Portland Public Schools are reducing facilities management costs by 15 percent while improving speed of modernization by 46 percent. (Photo courtesy of Portland Public Schools)

  • Portland Building

    Portland Building

    Date added: 28 Jan 2013

    This is a picture of one of the 81 buildings used by the Portland, Ore., public school system. On average these buildings are nearly 70-years-old. Using IBM Tririga, Portland Public Schools can prioritize building modernization efforts, a critical element when determining budgets for repairing aging infrastructure. (Photo courtesy of Portland Public Schools)

  • Suncoast


    Date added: 28 Jan 2013

    With nearly 178,000 students and 4,500 acres of land, the School District of Palm Beach County is the 11th largest school district in the United States. This is a picture of Suncoast High School in Palm Beach County--a math, science and engineering magnet school, rated by Newsweek as one of the top ten public high schools in the country. The School District of Palm Beach County is using IBM Smarter Building technology to increase profits generated from their non-school hour building and room rental program. Since rolling out the IBM solution, the program has increased leasing revenue and is expected to generate $4.5 million this year, providing a much needed source of funding for the district.

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