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IBM Smarter Healthcare

IBM Smarter Healthcare The growing prevalence of chronic diseases and aging populations places a heavy burden on health systems around the globe. It’s no wonder that healthcare costs continue to rise rapidly and relentlessly. Increasingly, the healthcare industry is turning to digital information and technology solutions to improve the quality of medical care and reduce costs. 


Today, healthcare organizations are reassessing how they care for patients, how they find and share knowledge, and how they collaborate with partners to provide better value to patients. Smarter healthcare is about creating a more coordinated, aligned and efficient healthcare delivery system for the future.  

In one recent example, IBM is applying Watson to help make cancer care smarter by advancing personalized treatment options for patients with brain cancer. Despite tremendous discoveries into the genetic drivers of diseases like cancer over the past decade, big data makes it difficult to translate DNA data into life-saving treatments. IBM is collaborating with the New York Genome Center to study how IBM Watson can help oncologists sift through the big data divide in genomics to deliver DNA-based treatment for glioblastoma patients. Read more in the news release and on the Smarter Planet blog.

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News releases
Date Title
29 May 2015 Doctor Evidence Brings Valuable Health Data to IBM Watson Ecosystem
05 May 2015 IBM Watson Health, Epic and Mayo Clinic to Unlock New Insights from Electronic Health Records
05 May 2015 Clinicians Tap Watson to Accelerate DNA Analysis and Inform Personalized Treatment Options for Patients
04 May 2015 IBM Closes Acquisition of Phytel
14 Apr 2015 Johnson & Johnson and IBM Announce Plans to Collaborate on Advanced Solutions Designed to Transform Healthcare Delivery
13 Apr 2015 IBM and Partners to Transform Personal Health with Watson and Open Cloud
13 Apr 2015 IBM & Apple Expand Partnership to Help Transform Medical Research
13 Apr 2015 IBM and Medtronic to Partner to Improve Diabetes Care
13 Apr 2015 IBM to Acquire Phytel to Help Healthcare Providers Deliver Higher Value Care
13 Apr 2015 IBM Acquires Explorys to Accelerate Cognitive Insights for Health and Wellness
26 Mar 2015 National Health Service in England and Wales Selects IBM to Enhance Electronic Staff Record System
19 Mar 2015 IBM Invests in Modernizing Medicine to Accelerate Adoption of Watson Technologies in Healthcare
16 Mar 2015 IBM Helps Angola Develop Smarter Healthcare and Education Capabilities
21 Jan 2015 Anthem Teams with IBM to Strengthen IT Operational Performance
16 Dec 2014 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Taps IBM Watson to Help Accelerate and Enhance Care Delivery
12 Nov 2014 IBM Watson Group Invests in Pathway Genomics to Help Personalize Consumer Health
29 Oct 2014 IBM and Cleveland Clinic Use Watson to Advance Genomic Research for Cancer Care Pilot
22 Oct 2014 AirStrip To Provide Mobile Monitoring and Early Patient Warning Technology Using IBM’s Real-Time Analytics
17 Sep 2014 Caris Life Sciences Selects IBM to Accelerate Use of Molecular Profiling in Cancer Treatment Selection
08 Sep 2014 Mayo Clinic and IBM Task Watson to Improve Clinical Trial Research
28 Aug 2014 IBM Watson Ushers in a New Era of Data-Driven Discoveries
25 Jul 2014 Healthcare Sciences Publisher PLM and IBM Speed Access to Medical Information to Deliver Better Patient Care with Mobile
30 Jul 2014 Good Samaritan Society Transforms Care for Senior Citizens Using IBM Big Data and Analytics
22 May 2014 Zambian Government and IBM Provide Improved Access to Life Saving Drugs
16 May 2014 IBM Reveals New Companies Developing Watson-Powered Apps
26 Mar 2014 IBM and Otsuka Develop Transformative Care Coordination Solution
19 Mar 2014 The New York Genome Center and IBM Watson Group Announce Collaboration to Advance Genomic Medicine
19 Feb 2014 Doctors’ Notes Turn into EMR Insights with Natural Language Processing Software
19 Feb 2014 IBM Predictive Analytics to Detect Patients at Risk for Heart Failure
12 Feb 2014 Welltok Raises $22 Million in Series C Funding, Including IBM Investment to Fuel Watson-Powered Health App
10 Jan 2014 OhioHealth and IBM Scientists Join Forces to Prevent Infections in Hospitals
09 Dec 2013 IBM Research and Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Convert Recycled Plastics into Disease Fighting Nanofibers
19 Nov 2013 IBM Partners with the UICC to Use Big Data to Build Cancer Registries in Developing Nations
04 Nov 2013 Memorial Healthcare System Taps IBM to Prevent Vendor Fraud, Reduce Operating Costs
04 Nov 2013 Emory University Hospital Explores 'Intensive Care Unit of the Future'
01 Nov 2013 IBM Research and Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Discover Breakthrough for Breast Cancer Drug Delivery
23 Oct 2013 IBM and Swiss Hospital Test New Tool for Diagnosing Cancer
18 Oct 2013 MD Anderson Taps IBM Watson to Power "Moon Shots" Mission Aimed at Ending Cancer, Starting with Leukemia
15 Oct 2013 IBM Research Unveils Two New Watson Related Projects from Cleveland Clinic Collaboration
11 Oct 2013 UNC Health Care Uses IBM Analytics to Manage Medical Data and Improve Patient Care
09 Oct 2013 $2 Million Awarded to Sutter Health, IBM and Geisinger Health System to Study Heart Failure Prediction
26 Sep 2013 IBM and Boston Children’s Hospital Team to Improve Care of Critically Ill Children Across the Globe
20 Sep 2013 Coriell Life Sciences & OnFarm Win IBM SmartCamp Silicon Valley
18 Sep 2013 New York City Health and Hospital Corporation Advances Quality Patient Care with Advanced Analytics Platform from IBM
06 Jun 2013 Seattle Children’s Hospital Chooses IBM Big Data Technology For Faster, More Accurate Diagnoses
16 May 2013 UCB and IBM Collaborate to Personalize Care for Epilepsy Patients
15 May 2013 Catalan Institute of Health Engages IBM for Care Coordination
15 May 2013 Southern Denmark Tackles Heart Disease with IBM Big Data Analytics Program
12 Apr 2013 South Carolina Selects IBM Smarter Cities Solution to Help Modernize and Improve Delivery of Vital Social Programs to Citizens
12 Apr 2013 Arkansas Department of Human Services Taps IBM Smarter Cities Solution for IT Healthcare System Overhaul
04 Apr 2013 ICM's New Blue Gene Supercomputer Supports The Largest Biomedical Research Initiative In Poland
26 Mar 2013 UCLA Relies on Breakthrough ‘Big Data’ Technology from IBM To Help Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries
21 Feb 2013 Daegu Health College Uses IBM MobileFirst Solutions to Meet Students’ Mobile Lifestyle
08 Feb 2013 IBM Watson Hard At Work: New Breakthroughs Transform Quality Care for Patients
31 Jan 2013 IBM PureFlex Enables Leading Russian Hospital to Improve Patient Care While Powering Advanced Medical Research
01 Oct 2012 IBM Business Analytics Services and Software Help Power Transformational Health Analytics Project At UPMC
05 Sep 2012 UPMC Invests in Intelligent Infrastructure with IBM to Support Vision of Personalized Medicine
16 Aug 2012 IBM Research, CDC and PHDSC Enable Real-Time Reporting of Public Health Cases
23 Jul 2012 IBM Smarter Cities Software To Play A Key Role In The Creation Of Minnesota's Health Insurance Exchange
12 Jul 2012 Paoli-Calmettes Institute Collaborates with IBM to Help Cancer Patients Better Understand Treatment Risks
28 Jun 2012 IBM Recommends Strategy to Help Improve Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment in Kenya
17 May 2012 IBM Collaborates with Colleagues In Care to Empower Medical Workers in Haiti
16 May 2012 IBM Teams up with Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center to Reduce New HIV Infections to Zero
14 May 2012 IBM Experts Deliver Recommendations to Ghana Ministry of Health for Increasing Access to More Affordable Health Care
10 May 2012 Hospitals in Russia’s Regions Turn to IBM to Transform Healthcare
01 May 2012 Sproxil, Inc. Teams with IBM to Help Consumers, Industry, in the Fight Against Drug Counterfeiting
22 Mar 2012 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, IBM to Collaborate in Applying Watson Technology to Help Oncologists
14 Mar 2012 IBM's Biomedical Analytics Platform Helps Doctors Personalize Treatment
01 Mar 2012 IBM Forms Watson Healthcare Advisory Board
29 Feb 2012 Society of Critical Care Medicine Taps IBM Analytics for Collaborative Patient Care
10 Feb 2012 University Teams Tap Mobile Phones and Social Networks to Fight Non-communicable Diseases
13 Jan 2012 MADE IN IBM LABS: New Silicon Probe Assists in Disease Diagnostics and Drug Discovery


  • IBM Announces New Watson Health Unit

    IBM Announces New Watson Health Unit

    Date added: 13 Apr 2015

    Leanne LeBlanc, IBM Watson project manager, views analytics of healthcare data at Watson headquarters in New York City, on Monday, April 13, 2015. IBM says each person generates one million gigabytes of health-related data across his or her lifetime, the equivalent of more than 300 million books. IBM launched the new Watson Health business unit to help patients, physicians, researchers and insurers use data to achieve better health and wellness for all. More information: Holli Haswell, IBM, 1-720-396-5485 (Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

  • IBM Watson NYGC for Wire

    IBM's Watson to Help Unlock Life-saving Insights from Cancer Patient DNA

    Date added: 19 Mar 2014

    New York, NY/March 19, 2014 - Dr. Robert Darnell (left), CEO of the New York Genome Center, and Dr. Ajay Royyuru, Director of the IBM Computational Biology Center (right) discuss how IBM's Watson will be used to make sense of vast amounts of genetic sequencing data and medical information to identify personalized treatments for cancer patients, at an event at the New York Genome Center in New York City on March 19, 2014. IBM and NYGC will soon begin testing a Watson prototype designed specifically for genomic research to help oncologists deliver unique, customized cancer treatments according to an individual patient's DNA. Photo Credit: Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM.

  • Group photo at the lab

    IBM and Swiss Hospital Test New Tool for Diagnosing Cancer

    Date added: 23 Oct 2013

    IBM scientists are collaborating with pathologists at the University Hospital Zürich to test a new prototype tool to accurately diagnose different types of cancer. This work, which may help improve treatment strategies in patients, is based on a technology developed by IBM scientists called a microfluidic probe, which slightly resembles the nib of a fountain pen. (From left to right, IBM scientists Govind Kaigala, Aditya Kashyap and Emanuel Delamarche and from the University Hospital Zurich Drs. Peter Schraml and Alex Soltermann) Photo credit: Martin Stollenwerk, M.STOLLENWERK@BLUEWIN.CH

  • Looking into microscopes

    IBM and Swiss Hospital Test New Tool for Diagnosing Cancer

    Date added: 23 Oct 2013

    Dr. Alex Soltermann, pathologist with specialization in lung cancer at the Institute for Surgical Pathology, University Hospital Zürich (second from right) looks at a tissue sample with medical students. Credit: IBM Research

  • Holding a microfluidic probe

    IBM and Swiss Hospital Test New Tool for Diagnosing Cancer

    Date added: 23 Oct 2013

    IBM scientists are collaborating with pathologists at the University Hospital Zürich to test a new prototype tool to accurately diagnose different types of cancer. This work is based on a technology developed by IBM scientists called a microfluidic probe, which slightly resembles the nib of a fountain pen. Credit: IBM Research

  • Health Information Exhchange thumbnail

    IBM Health Information Exchange

    Date added: 21 Feb 2011

    IBM technology and services for Health Information Exchange and patient identification already touch 80 percent of the population of North America and are relied on by more than 100 large healthcare systems, more than 40 health information exchanges and the nation’s largest retail pharmacies.

  • Picture Story: How Smarter Healthcare Works thumbnail image

    Picture Story: How Smarter Healthcare Works

    Date added: 06 Aug 2010

    Healthcare is a complex system with many moving parts, including vast networks of doctors, patients, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, insurers, medical equipment ... and the millions of pieces of data, images, prescriptions, documents, and other information that get exchanged every day. The ultimate goal is a fully connected, coordinated and integrated healthcare system where everything is focused on the patient!

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