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Software and system accesses

IBM Academic Initiative members can get full versions of IBM software at no charge. Most of the software can be downloaded from the Software Download Catalog, accessed in a cloud environment, or accessed through IBM Power Systems and System z enterprise computing environments.

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Download full-version software

In addition to our software and tools that are publicly available, Academic Initiative members can get hundreds of full-version software products from our Software Download Catalog at no charge. These are the same products our customers are using in their production environments, and you can make them available to your students to teach a wide range of computer science, information technology, business, and marketing topics.

Note that you must be signed in as an Academic Initiative member to download products and tools from our Software Download Catalog.

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Cloud offerings from Academic Initiative

IBM supports several cloud options. Academic Initiative offers members virtual access solutions that are enabled on the cloud platform for faculty and their students.

IBM Bluemix cloud services

Leverage Bluemix cloud services by exploring the resources available to academics and by signing up for the free trial.

IBM Blueworks Live

IBM Blueworks Live runs in a virtual cloud environment, which means there is no software to download or install. Members can submit their details to request an IBM Blueworks Live trial account. After we verify your academic credentials, we will send you a link to upgrade your account so you can access the full professional version at no charge.

Request mainframe and Power Systems accesses

IBM Academic Initiative members can get no-charge remote access for themselves and their students to an IBM mainframe system or IBM Power Systems.

Access to mainframe systems

Members can get no-charge remote access to an IBM mainframe system. Explore, learn, and perform course lab exercises in a real mainframe environment without having to install or maintain the system.

Access to Power Systems

Members can get no-charge remote access to the latest Power Systems technology for teaching purposes. The IBM Power Systems Connection Center will work with you to understand your application requirements, set up your student profiles, as well as handle other administrative responsibilities.

We also offer special discounted lease and purchase options to educational institutions whose faculty are members of Academic Initiative. Both options feature discounts on the hardware and the IBM operating systems.

Request software on CDs

Some Power Systems software is not available for download but can be mailed on a CD. Members can request a maximum of one CD per product. We do not offer a CD that contains all of our products. The available software includes:

  • AIX operating system and documentation
  • Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL) for AIX and Linux
  • Parallel ESSL and Parallel Environment for AIX and Linux
  • Performance Toolbox and Performance AIDE for AIX

The request form shows the specific products and versions that are available. You must be an Academic Initiative member to request software on CDs.

Requests for IBM software on physical media (CDs) to mailing addresses in India cannot be processed at this time.

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