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Membership in the IBM Academic Initiative program is available at no charge. Faculty members, research professionals at accredited institutions, and IBM employees whose work directly supports the Academic Initiative can join. All memberships are eligible for renewal annually based on continued usage.

As part of the membership process, you will be asked to read and understand the Academic Initiative Program Agreement for your country, the Software Usage Guidelines, and the Addendum for Cloud Services. In countries where local law requires hard-copy signatures, you must print, sign, and send the agreement to the address provided on the printed agreement.

  • If you are a faculty member or graduate assistant who is teaching or doing research at an accredited university, college, or high school, you will be asked to provide your geographic location, information about your school, and plans for using Academic Initiative offerings.
  • If you are an IBM employee, you will be asked to register with your IBM email address and to describe how your work directly supports eligible faculty and researchers. IBM employees who also work on staff at educational institutions should apply as faculty members.

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An IBM ID can be used across the website. Some IBM websites, such as Academic Initiative, require getting an IBM ID as the first step to registering for membership. There's no charge to get an IBM ID, and it takes only a minute to register.

Academic Initiative membership approval is not granted instantly. We must first verify your association with your institution. You will receive an email within 5 business days to inform you when your Academic Initiative membership has been activated. As you'll see on your registration form, some countries require you to send us a hardcopy of the completed program agreement to qualify, which can take a bit longer to process also. We appreciate your patience.

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