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Technical FAQ

Find the answers to the most common technical questions about the Academic Initiative program.

Common questions

  • - Help! I'm signed in and I can see the files, but I'm having problems downloading them. What do I do?

    The issue might be your browser, your operating system, the file's definition, or possibly solar flares. Try these steps one at a time until you are successful:

    • 1. Download using HTTP instead of the Download Director. Download Director uses a Java applet, and some systems might not have the needed Java version. On the Course Download overlay, click HTTP toward the right of the window. You can download only one file at a time using HTTP.
    • 2. Use Firefox browser. If that doesn't work, use Internet Explorer. If that doesn't work, use Chrome.
    • 3. Use a different operating system. The download applications might not fully support some operating system distributions.
    • 4. Download a different piece of courseware or software. If another asset works, it could be a problem with the asset definition that we would appreciate you letting us know about so that we can fix it.
    • 5. If none of these work, please email AI support describing what you tried that didn't work (screen caps are helpful).
  • - I'm signed in, but when I try to access an offering, I see an error message that says I haven't signed up for this offering.

    Some Academic Initiative offerings are hosted on now-unsupported servers. We are working diligently to find and correct these. You'll recognize them by seeing /iwm/ in the URL. For example, you might see You will see an error message that says You have not signed up for this offering. Please complete the signup process before coming to this page. message code: 45e.

    If you see this error message, and you need access to the offering, complete these steps:

    • 1. Make sure that you are signed into AI, which means you see your name and Download bin in the righthand welcome module.
    • 2. Email AI support the details (screen caps are helpful).
  • - Which software can I download, and what should I do if I can't download it?

    Academic Initiative members can download eligible software at no charge. Selected middleware and developer products are available, including most of IBM's major brands and initiatives. If you have issues finding or downloading software from the AI website, complete these steps to access the Software Access Catalog directly. You must be an Academic Initiative member to access the Software Access Catalog.

    • 1. Make sure you are signed into AI, which means you see your name and Download bin in the righthand welcome module.
    • 2. Go to the Software page at
    • 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Search the Academic Initiative Software Download Catalog.
    • 4. Sign in again using your IBM ID and password (same as your Academic Initiative ID and password).
    • 5. On the next page, search for the software you need to download.
    • 6. Select the download.
    • 7. Click I agree, and then click Download now.
  • - What are the optimal system settings for downloading software?

    Access to a high-speed communication line decreases the amount of time it takes to download most of the software. Sufficient disk space to store the files is necessary.

    To prevent download errors, ensure that you have pop-up blockers disabled. In some cases, JavaScript has caused errors. To turn off JavaScript, open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Tools > Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab, and check the box entitled Disable script debugging under the Browsing category.

  • - Which of the following two methods should I use to download software: Download Director or HTTP transfer?

    The preferred method of download is the Download Director. Download Director allows you to download one or many software files at once, with the option to pause or resume the download. HTTP transfer allows you to download only one file at a time, with no pause or resume option. The Download Director requires the Sun Java plug-in to be installed. In environments where this plug-in is not available, use the HTTP transfer method.

  • - How do I proceed if I've downloaded a .bin file?

    You can find the instructions in the technote Installation of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio on Linux Platforms.

  • - What type of technical support is included in this program?

    Limited support is provided for the products on our Academic Initiative software pages. We provide self-help through these FAQs and our Rational support pages. We encourage you to use the forums on these pages to get quick answers to your technical questions.

    Academic Initiative members can request technical support, which we answer on a best-effort basis.

  • - Can I make copies of the offerings?

    Academic Initiative members may make copies for eligible academic use, including teaching. learning, and non-commercial research. The offerings may not be distributed to others who are not involved in your teaching or research. For more information, read the Software Usage Guidelines.

  • - What is considered "eligible academic use"?

    Offerings provided through the IBM Academic Initiative may be used for teaching, learning, and non-commercial research. The offerings may be used in lecture notes, presentations, and assignments for courses taught at an accredited institution. Refer to our Software Usage Guidelines for specific restrictions that apply to certain products.

    Non-commercial research is research from which the results will be published in the public domain and not provided exclusively to the sponsoring organization. If research results are the exclusive property of a specific organization, this is considered "research for hire" and not non-commercial research. If the results are to be published in conference proceedings or technical journals, the use would be acceptable.

    For more information, read the Software Usage Guidelines.

  • - Is there a limit to how many products I can download and use?

    There is no limit to what you can download from the Academic Initiative site. You may download any of the products in the Software Download Catalog as many times as you want. A few products are available by CD only. Visit the Academic Initiative software page for more information.

  • - Can I request a product on CD? How long does it take to arrive?

    Most products are available only by download, and a few products are available only on CD. We do not offer a CD/DVD that contains all of the available software. You can request the products that are offered on CD on our Academic Initiative software page.

    Most CDs are shipped the next day. Your country might have customs regulations that might delay the receipt of a CD. If you have questions regarding your request or would like to know if your CD was shipped, you can email our software delivery team for an update.

    If you are unable to access the form to order CDs, this is a known issue for new members. This will be available to new members shortly.

  • - Why can't I access the forms to order CDs, certification discounts, or Rational licenses?

    This is a known issue for new members. This will be available to new members shortly.

  • - Can students obtain software to use on their personal machines?

    An IBM Academic Initiative member can load software onto a secure server and enable qualified students to download it directly from that server. The Academic Initiative member may also create as many copies of the software as needed and load it on students' machines. Members and students are both responsible for adhering to the Academic Initiative Program Agreements as well as the Software Usage Guidelines.

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