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Spotlight on Dr. Martin L. Bariff

Ensuring students have marketable skills

Bariff Dr. Martin L. Bariff
Associate Professor, Stuart School of Business
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, USA

Professor Bariff is the Treasurer and a Director of the Information Overload Research Group.

Leading the league in leading-edge technology

The Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) prides itself for recognizing paradigm shifts in markets, consumer trends, and public management... and for being sure that its students are adequately prepared with the knowledge and skill to lead in these areas. Martin L. Bariff has certainly exemplified this vision throughout his university career. He has a consistent strategy of including new technologies and resources to ensure his students develop skills on the leading tools in their field.

Making sense of data is an important skill

With the enormous and increasing amount of data that is available in our digital world, making sense of data has become a growing challenge. Business analytic skills are needed across the entire job market, and these skills have a strong emphasis in Prof. Bariff's courses. He has been a leader in developing a Business Analytics concentration for the MBA and Masters in Marketing Analytics & Communication programs at IIT. His Data Mining graduate course attracts students from across academic disciplines, including psychology and engineering.

But...which tools to use?

While it is easy to find freeware tools to use in the classroom, these are not the products that companies deploy for critical business. The IBM Academic Initiative program has been Prof. Bariff's primary source of business analytic tools that are actually being used by companies worldwide. He joined the Academic Initiative program in 1990. Through the years, he has introduced his students to several IBM leading-edge analytic software products, including Rational, Cognos, and SPSS tools. Students with these skills have advantages in the job market: they have a shorter learning curve, and they can be productive more quickly.

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