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Software engineering

There is more to software and application development than writing and compiling code. Whether you are developing for the desktop or for mobile devices, the complete lifecycle can involve many phases, starting with requirements, modeling, and design and continuing all the way through testing, quality control, and final deployment.

IBM's academic resources can help you teach about every phase of the software development lifecycle — and ensure your students get hands-on experience with the most up-to-date, collaborative environment and tools.

Software engineering focus areas

  • Mobile development
    Students who can design and develop mobile applications have an advantage in the job market. Introduce your students to the IBM Worklight mobile development platform, and give them hands-on experience with enterprise-level tools.
    Recommended products: IBM MobileFirst Platform, IBM Bluemix, IBM DevOps Services
  • Model-driven development
    Model-driven development is a style of software development where the primary software artifacts are models from which code and other artifacts are generated.
    Recommended products: Rational Rhapsody, Rational Software Architect
  • Quality management and testing
    Managing quality throughout the software and application lifecycle is a fundamental requirement. Use our resources to include quality management concepts and hands-on experience in your classrooms and labs.
    Recommended products: Rational Quality Manager, Rational Functional Tester
  • Requirements management
    Requirements definition, management, and engineering practices are the cornerstones of project success. Introduce your students to the best practices, standards, and tools that are being used in the industry.
    Recommended products: Rational DOORS, Rational DOORS Next Generation
  • Team software development
    In today's software industry, developers must work together, online from anywhere, and integrate tasks throughout the software lifecycle. Be sure your students have experience in an industry-proven collaborative environment.
    Recommended product: Rational Team Concert
  • Web development
    Make it easy for your students to build web applications with our teaching materials and our easy-to-use Java application server and tools.
    Recommended product: WebSphere Application Server: Liberty Profile

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