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Power Systems student ad campaign

College and university faculty can use these flyers to help promote student interest in Power Systems technologies and course offerings around your campus. This campaign advertises the deepening skills shortage (and accompanying job opportunities for students) created by the retirement of today's experts, as well as the value and strength of the Power Systems platform.

There are four 11" x 17" editable PDF flyers in the campaign and you can use any, or all, of them. The choice is yours! They feature a block of text that you can edit to advertise and promote specific course offerings at your college or university. Customize them to meet the needs of your particular campus environment and place them on campus bulletin boards.

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Resources for PDF files

Careers ad: Right for today; creating tomorrow

Download in English (PDF, 9MB)

Careers ad

Help wanted ad: Why think small when you can think big?

Download in English (PDF, 9MB)

Help wanted ad

Personals ad: Find love and stability!

Download in English (PDF, 9.1MB)

Personals ad

Personals ad: Why settle for anything less than the best?

Download in English (PDF, 9.1MB)

Second personals ad

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