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IBM Information On Demand 2009

IOD 2009

Technical Skill Building - Enterprise Content Management

Track details are subject to change.

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1093 Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) Retrieval Performance Testing & Scalability

IBM Content Manager OnDemand is a scalable, high-performance report archive system. Content Manager OnDemand server implementations include Windows, IBM System i, IBM AIX, Linux, IBM z/OS and Linux on IBM System z. This presentation discusses factors that affect the Content Manager OnDemand server performance and scalability. It then describes the ctest methodology for performance and scalability testing of the Content Manager OnDemand server. Example performance results are analyzed and discussed.

1094 Best Practices for IBM Content Manager OnDemand for IBM z/OS Implementation

IBM Content Manager OnDemand is a scalable, high-performance report archive system. To achieve the highest levels of performance and scalability, certain best practices must be implemented. This presentation discusses these best practices and how they relate to different customer implementations.

1147 IBM Content Manager V8.4.1 for z/OS and Beyond: What It Means to You

IBM Content Manager V8.4.1 for IBM z/OS adds a number of new capabilities to the platform. Come learn about those capabilities and how you can apply them, and hear what we are thinking about for the future. If you run Content Manager on z/OS, or are considering doing so, you cannot afford to miss this session.

1149 IBM Content Manager for IBM z/OS Migration Options: What Are the Options

IBM Content Manager for IBM z/OS V2.3 (aka, V7 on distributed platforms) has been out of support for two years, and IBM ImagePlus, although going strong with no end of support announced, has been stabilized with no functional enhancements in 10 years. Are you still running one of these products? Are your business demands growing with no way to satisfy them. Come hear about your options. Learn how you can move forward and take advantage of current Content Manager capabilities. Some of the options may actually surprise you, in a very pleasant way.

1352 High Availability Solutions for IBM Content Manager V8.4.2

The increasing need to manage and efficiently utilize ever more sources of content through an organization requires that the content be available. To ensure integrity and reliability, high availability (HA) solutions are quickly becoming a baseline in any content management solution. This session discussion HA concepts in the context of the IBM Content Management stack. Highlighted are two forthcoming HA configurations (one for IBM DB2 and one for Oracle) which will, for the first time, be certified and supported by IBM Content Manager level 2 support. Learn the details of these supported configurations, and how IBM Software Premium Support services can assist with other advanced HA and disaster recovery configurations.

1360 IBM FileNet System Monitor: A Customer Use Case

This session will cover IBM FileNet System Monitor, including tips on what to expect after the installation is complete. We will also review time savings on problem identification and system stability since FileNet System Monitor was installed.

1443 Best Practices Tuning Storage

Learn how IBM Lab Services sized, configured and tuned the latest storage technology to be used by a four billion documents/270 TB IBM Content Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM DB2 e-mail compliance archive. We will cover how we initially sized storage and resolved disaster recovery requirements by using IBM GlobalMirror on an IBM System Storage DS8300. We will discuss in detail the storage configuration on our DS8300 and IBM AIX Logical Volume Manager for our 12 TB NetSearch Extender full-text indexes and multi-terabyte DB2 databases. Lastly, we will cover how to configure the Content Manager Resource Manager and Tivoli Storage Manager with IBM System Storage N Series SnapLock compliance storage supporting five million documents loaded per day.

1529 Integrating an External Application with IBM Content Manager Version 8

Wondering how to get your application to integrate with IBM Content Manager Version 8? How to write your custom event handler so events in Content Manager 8 will notify your application? Come to this session and you will be able to see how a custom event handler could be developed to accomplish this task.

1541 IBM Content Manager 8 and IBM FileNet BPM Integration: The Next Step

The first phase of integration between IBM Content Manager Version 8 and IBM FileNet Business Process Manager was done last year. The second phase is rolling out in the third quarter of this year. This session will discuss the additional support in this second phase of the integration and our roadmap for a tighter integration.

1562 A Client's View of What's Cool in Process Designer for IBM FileNet P8 4.5

With all the innovation announced in IBM FileNet P8 4.5 Business Process Manager, what does a customer think of all of it? FileNet P8 4.5 introduces some new and very exciting capabilities "out of the box." We will take a look at the new items in FileNet Process Designer -- roles and in-baskets -- and demonstrate how to use them.

1579 IBM FileNet Enterprise Content Management Performance and Scalability

This presentation will provide a general overview of the performance and scalability characteristics of the IBM FileNet Enterprise Content Management portfolio. It will reference in-house data from various studies analyzing various aspects of our overall performance and scalability characteristics, along with guidelines about how to get the most from your FileNet Enteprise Content Management deployments.

1581 Distributed Deployments with IBM FileNet Content Manager

This talk will provide an overview of the recommended best practices for deploying IBM FileNet Content Manager in a geographically distributed environment.

1603 Content Manager for z/OS 8.4.2 Text Search Support

This session will cover the new Content Manager for z/OS text search capability introduced in 8.4.2. You will learn about its capabilities, architecture and management.

1619 Reduce Your Time to Production Using IBM FileNet P8 4.5.1

This session will highlight changes made to IBM FileNet P8 4.5.1 that were specifically designed to reduce your time to production, and simplify the overall product deployment process. Specific examples include substantial improvements to the product installation process and to the application deployment capabilities.

1621 IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Product Update

Come to this session to find out what's new with IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Manager and InfoSphere eDiscovery Analyzer in the latest release. This session will delve into new non-e-mail content discovery capabilities, additional analysis views in InfoSphere eDiscovery Analyzer, and other new features and capabilities introduced in the latest release. We'll also review the upcoming roadmap plans. Don't miss out!

1626 High Availability Architecture for P8 4.5 at US Bank

US Bank was in the Early Adopter program for FileNet P8 4.5 and implemented one of the first P8 4.5 production systems. We were fortunate to have extensive support from IBM for our P8 4.5 deployment. The breakout will cover the design issues and technical considerations that we discovered during the implementation of a high availability P8 4.5 system using all of the core P8 products; Content Engine, Process Engine and Application Engine. Well cover the design of our system at a high level, specific considerations for P8 High Availability and some general considerations for HA and Disaster Recovery. Bring your questions and share your ideas for during and after the presentation.

1730 Content Management Standards and Collaboration

Open Standards are making it possible to share content and improve collaboration. This session will provide an overview of relevant standards such as CMIS and OpenSocial and demonstrate how they can be used to build collaborative applications that use ECM content.

1737 Gathering Requirements for a Business Process Management Project

The key elements of the design and implementation of a business process management (BPM) system begin well before the specialist starts building a process in the process design tool. From the creation of use cases to the description of business flows using Business Process Modeling Notations (BPMN), the building of BPM systems will go more effectively, efficiently, with more satisfied clients if the requirements are gathered so they specify requirements that are clear to designers and implementers, and are implementable. In this session, you will learn how to create implementable requirements, and you will get templates that will facilitate gathering them. Using these concepts and document templates will give your BPM project the best chance at success.

1757 Adding Structured and External Data to Agile Enterprise Content Management

This session will discuss best practices surrounding provision of structured enterprise resource planning (ERP), custom application and external data as a service into the IBM FileNet P8 4.5.1 Agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) framework. We will show how to augment IBM Agile ECM mashup capabilities with non-ECM and external data sources. The session includes a live demo.

1885 Integrating IBM ECM and Microsoft SharePoint in the Enterprise

Many organizations are seeing a proliferation of Microsoft SharePoint sites. Often, the content stored in SharePoint document libraries isn't accessible to the enterprise, and isn't organized in a manner to satisfy regulatory or quality bodies. This session will describe and demonstrate how to use IBM Enterprise Content Management systems for content storage and compliance, while allowing the user community to continue to work in their familiar SharePoint user interface. Both IBM FileNet Connectors for SharePoint Web Parts, and the FileNet Connector for SharePoint Document Libraries will be demonstrated. Installation and configuration issues will be discussed.

1907 Agile ECM, Rapid Solution Creation: IBM FileNet P8 BPM 4.5.1 & ECM Widgets

Agile ECM is no longer just a vision. It's here today with IBM FileNet P8 4.5.1 and the new mashups-based IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Widgets. IBM customers and IBM Business Partners can use ECM Widgets to quickly assemble FileNet Business Process Manager applications without the need for custom Web programming. Unlike traditional out-of-the-box applications, customers and Business Partners can also create customized solutions by building their own widgets and mashing them together with ECM Widgets. In this session, you will learn about these new features, and see what it takes to start creating your applications using the widgets included in the 4.5.1 release.

1995 IBM ECM for SAP Integrations: Current Offerings and Outlook

This session will provide an in-depth overview of the currently available IBM ECM solutions for SAP ERP and NetWeaver and their fit with SAP's own ever-evolving direction. An outlook on future product plans and a preliminary joint roadmap will be covered as well.

2058 IBM Enterprise Content Management Implementation at Farmers Insurance

This presentation will address the IBM Enteprise Content Management establishment at Farmers Insurance Group of Companies: the use objectives, business cases, shared platform infrastructure, ongoing maintenance by center of excellence. We will provide a view of Enterprise Content Management systems integration with data warehousing and business intelligence within service oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure to achieve the Information On Demand state.

2113 What's New for IBM Enteprise Content Management Customers

In this session, you will hear about new products and capabilities that are available today or coming later this year for IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) customers. In particular, the session will cover IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager and FileNet Business Process Manager, IBM Content Manager, Content Manager OnDemand, and the compliance and IBM FileNet eDiscovery suites.

2114 What's New in IBM FileNet Business Process Manager

The latest release of IBM FileNet Business Process Manager is focused on rapid solution creation, asset reuse, and improved IT and business collaboration through simplified tooling. This release is the first incarnation of the IBM Agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) initiative. In this session, we will review all the new capabilities of IBM FileNet Business Process Manager 4.5, and discuss how you can leverage them to build robust process applications in your organizations.

2137 A Deep Dive into IBM FileNet P8 4.5.x Cross-System Deployment

An IBM FileNet P8 application is typically developed on one system, tested in another, before being deployed to production. Iterative changes to the application flow from one system to the next. This presentation gives participants a solid understanding of the FileNet P8 4.5.x enhancements for easier cross-system deployment. It covers techniques and best practices for deploying FileNet P8 applications from one system to another. This technical presentation discusses deployment of individual FileNet P8 object types, and how to navigate the FileNet P8 administrative tool UI to perform an end-to-end cross-system deployment of the FileNet P8 application. Focus is on deployment of FileNet P8 objects, rather than installation/upgrade of software.

2138 What's New for IBM FileNet P8 Customers

This session provides an overview of the latest features and any new complementary products available to IBM FileNet P8 customers. This includes the latest updates to FileNet P8 Content Manager and FileNet Business Process Manager servers and user interface components, such as UI widgets, FileNet Workplace XT, Microsoft Office 2007 integration and Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts.

2140 Troubleshooting IBM FileNet CM and BPM: The Art and the Science

This is a technical session covering some of the most common issues that clients encounter with IBM FileNet Content Manager and FileNet Business Process Manager deployments. Using real-world examples, we will cover problem identification, characterization and resolution. This session is intended for attendees who are focused on maximizing uptime, improving product knowledge and optimizing time to problem resolution.

2145 IBM FileNet Content Federation Services and IBM Content Integrator Overview

This session will provide a technical overview of the IBM federation and integration suite of products, describing their architectures, usage and the latest feature and capability updates. Learn how the products work, and when and where they should be applied separately or together to manage content throughout your enterprise.

2147 IBM Enterprise Content Management Products: Engineering Roundtable

This session will start with a short introduction where some of the core new content and IBM FileNet Business Process Manager features will be discussed. The balance of the time will be an open Q&A session where customers can ask questions directly to key technical leaders on the IBM Enterprise Content Management product development team.

2153 Archive and Records Management - Common Areas and Contrasts

Comprehensive approach to archive requires a well established relations with records management. A functional, end to end enterprise archive solution needs to be in sync with records management discipline; the policies and governance need to be aligned and processes should cover both areas

2156 What's New with IBM Content Manager Version 8

This session provides an overview of the latest features and capabilities added to or integrated with IBM Content Manager Version 8, as well as a high-level view of what's coming next on the product roadmap.

2233 IBM Content Collector, IBM eDiscovery Manager and IBM eDiscovery Analyzer

Lawyers, regulated companies or just internal policies. Many customers are required to be able to discover e-mails captured and stored in their enterprise content management repository. In this session, you will be able to see an end-to-end solution for collecting and archiving content through IBM Content Collector, discovering it using IBM eDiscovery Manager, and finally being able to analyze and prepare the discoverd documents with IBM eDiscovery Analyzer. Join us and see how the whole story works.

2239 Deploying IBM FileNet P8 Process Engine on Cloud Infrastructure

This session gives insight into porting the IBM FileNet P8 application on a cloud environment, wherein different enterprise applications from different domains developed using FileNet P8 can share the FileNet Process Engine capability hosted in the cloud infrastructure. Most of the time, FileNet Process Engine remains idle -- except for a few events such as workflow invocation, design and compiling. FileNet Process Engine resources available during idle time can be efficiently utilized. The FileNet Process Engine deployed in the cloud can be shared across "secured environments," reducing the cost of maintenance. This can be achieved by creating multiple regions that cater to different FileNet P8 domains or business units.

2318 Which is Best for Me? IBM ECM Widgets, IBM FileNet BPF, Custom Application?

The latest release of IBM FileNet P8 Business Process Manager 4.5 introduced the IBM Agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) framework, adding to the available options for building ECM and business process management solutions. How do you select the right technology for your solution? How extensible is Agile ECM when compared to FileNet Business Process Framework? In this session, we will discuss some key tradeoffs to consider as you build solutions leveraging IBM ECM products. This session will also include a brief demonstration by an IBM Business Partner, Vega ECM Solutions, illustrating the power of the Agile ECM framework.

2321 U.S. Bank: Driving Process Excellence with IBM FileNet BPM

IBM FileNet Business Process Manager includes a rich set of business process management capabilities that enables rapid creation of content-enabled business solutions. In this session, we will explore how U.S. Bank has leveraged IBM FileNet Business Process Manager to automate their critical business processes. You will also hear, first-hand, about some of their real-world experiences, including useful tips on effectively leveraging the new IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Widgets components for process solutions.

2325 Wellpoint: Rapid Development with IBM FileNet Business Process Manager

IBM FileNet Business Process Manager 4.5 introduced a new component called IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Widgets to enable rapid creation of process applications. Wellpoint put this to a test by conducting a proof of technology to evaluate how ECM widgets can be used to accelerate time-to-value for their process application needs. In this session, we will share the experience that may benefit your organization. We will discuss the pros and cons of leveraging ECM Widgets to accelerate your application development.

2348 Multilevel Security for Document Authoring and Management

IBM and IBM Business Partners have developed a solution to address the secure portion marking of documents, along with securing the access of information while protecting information at rest at a very granular level (XML element level). The solution incorporates three components: QuarkXPress Classification Marking Tool for XML documents; IBM FileNet Content Manager for secure content management, including exploiting the Controlled Access Program Coordination Office (CAPCO)-compliant security markings feature integrated with the Quark tool; and ERUCES (IBM Business Partner) for encrypting XML elements in XML documents.

2368 Optimize Costs and Increase Agility with Business Process Management

Current economic times have enterprises struggling to keep costs down, while a fiercely competitive market demands they differentiate their products to attract new customers and keep current customers happy. Whether your company offers a first-rate customer advantage program, an efficient patient billing application or the industry’s fastest online banking service, your key differentiators and competitive advantages are contained in your business processes. Learn how IBM Business Process Management solutions can help you achieve dynamic business processes that will give you a competitive advantage, while optimizing costs and providing business agility.

2382 IBM Content Collector Product Update

This session will take a deeper look at what's new with IBM's strategic content collection and archiving platform: IBM Content Collector. Learn about new features and capabilities introduced this year, as well as what's next on the product roadmap.

2404 HCSC's Content Management Integration Strategy from Strategy to Integration

Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) is transforming its business through the integration and advanced analytics across structured and un-structured information assets. As HCSC grows in information maturity, using products such as IBM FileNet Content Manager, IBM Document Manager, IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Information Services and Quicker Integration, while moving the business from legacy IBM DB2 ImagePlus to Content Manager play a significant role. This session will outline the steps taken to content-enable business processes, and describe the technical infrastructure involved. Don?t miss this opportunity to hear about real use cases where enterprise content management value was demonstrated.

2434 Case Study: Large Federation from IBM FileNet Image Services to FileNet P8

How do you federate 22 million documents from FileNet Image Services to IBM FileNet P8 while the clients access the documents on both systems? MassMutual relates their experiences and strategy federating millions of FileNet Image Services images into a newly created FileNet P8 repository. The discussion incudes the challenges of using FileNet P8 Security; mapping FileNet Image Services families and classes to FileNet P8 classes; setting up FileNet Content Federation Services for Image Services; metadata conversions and updates with an external FileNet Image Services index; fixing mistakes; and most importantly, the lessons learned.

2443 Implementing an Imaging and Workflow IBM FileNet P8 Solution at the Courts

RI Judicial Technology Center (JTC) required a state-of-the-art document imaging and workflow solution for the courts. Due to the high volume of documents, the pilot project selected was the centralized traffic court, and involved a process to optimize data entry retreival and processing of tickets and court proceedings. An imaging and workflow solution was implemented using IBM FileNet P8 Business Process Manager solution. Find out what it takes to implement a successful FileNet P8 Business Process Manager solution. Topics such as project management, challenges and lessons learned, and technical solutions to business problems will be discussed.

2455 IBM Classification Module Product Update

Learn about the features and capabilities of the IBM Classification Module. E-mail volumes are growing. New forms of communication and collaboration are popping up. Use advanced content classification methods to cut the costs of your archiving project, provide a clear return on investment and make your content easier to find. Reduce costly and inconsistent human involvement, cut hardware requirements and slim down your archive by filtering out the e-mails we all know don't belong there.

2458 Transform your Business with Content: Analytics, Master Content & Search

IBM ECM can help transform your business, enabling you to move from an automation agenda to an optimization agenda. Learn how analytics-enabled strategies and technologies from IBM ECM leverage your organization's content to help drive more insightful business decisions and reduce your infrastructure costs. Get up to speed with IBM's latest offerings for content analytics, master content, search, and discovery, and see examples of how leading organizations are using them to achieve smarter business outcomes and lower content infrastructure costs.

2459 Enterprise Document Composition & Publishing: IBM FileNet Content Manager

Many companies require large-volume, highly scalable and broadly deployed infrastructure for intelligently creating modular content -- promoting access, retrieval and repurpose across the enterprise. This session will explore the concepts and demonstrate how companies can use IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Enterprise Content Management partners to create a structured document authoring and publishing environment (via XML), facilitating content reuse. Benefits companies can expect are streamlining of sophisticated business processes for review and approvals, gaining efficiencies in translating content into multiple languages, and simplifying management of high-fidelity publishing requirements across multiple formats and channels.

2517 Maximizing Agility by Combining Content and Business Process Management

Customers are continually trying to stay competitive in today’s volatile market conditions. This session will explore how the IBM Agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) framework that exist in IBM Content Business Process Manager can be exploited to your advantage by automatically putting content to work for you, reducing the time and effort it takes to build and deploy content-centric business process management solutions. The powerful new collaboration capabilities within Content Business Process Manager will be discussed, and the impact and interplay between line of business and IT, empowering enterprises to deploy content-centric business applications faster and with less cost.

2521 The Business Value of Collaboration and Content: IBM ECM & IBM Lotus Quickr

IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offerings -- IBM FileNet and IBM Content Manager -- with IBM Lotus Quickr provide the industry's most complete, single-vendor, end-to-end collaboration and content solution. The intuitive Lotus Quickr Web 2.0 interface and the integration into your favorite desktop applications, plus the rich collaboration capabilities of Lotus Quickr, complement the security, scalability, business process management and compliance capabilities of IBM ECM systems. Come hear about the new IBM ECM use cases that you can leverage via the Lotus Quickr collaborative environment to improve productivity and reduce costs.

2538 Records Products Update

What's in and what's new for IBM records products: We'll cover the drivers, updates to IBM Records Manager and benefits to IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions with IBM Records Federation Services and IBM ZeroClick Records Management.

2572 IBM FileNet P8: Deployment and Upgrades

This session will provide planning recommendations for deploying and upgrading to the IBM FileNet P8 4.5 release. IBM Enterprise Content Management Lab Services will discuss its product implementation methodology and four-phased approach towards planning and executing an upgrade. Discussions will include documenting system parameters, upgrade plan development, software installation and configuration, and functionality testing.

2593 Wells Fargo Business Use Case: Configuration vs. Customization

This session discusses the real-life example of implementing a highly customized IBM FileNet solution in IBM Workplace, and the subsequent unbundling of custom features in favor of using of out-of-box features and configuration for the benefit of faster performance, quicker development life cycles and lower cost.

2596 Ways to Solve Compliant Information Management

Both IBM FileNet P8 and IBM DB2 Content Manager 8 customers have many new opportunities to gain the benefits of IBM Compliant Information Management. From e-mail archiving and discovery to classification and records management, IBM has recently released many new products and features. But the question is, “Where do I start, and how do I get to where I want to be?” This session will address some key considerations and possibilities of how to match your business problems with our software solutions.

2601 Planning for Success: The Top Reasons to Upgrade to IBM FileNet P8 4.x

This session highlights five of the best reasons, in terms of technical capabilities and architectural enhancements, to upgrade to IBM FileNet P8 4.x. Specific emphasis is placed on how FileNet P8 4.x can improve productivity for your enterprise, and how it can seamlessly integrate into your larger IT infrastructure.

2611 IBM FileNet Content Manager Product Update

IBM FileNet Content Manager is the foundation of the IBM FileNet P8 platform. Providing scalable, versatile and extensible repository and repository services, IBM FileNet Content Manager can help your organization standardize on one content management platform. This session will provide an overview of the IBM FileNet Content Manager platform, and give you an update on the latest capabilities and features of IBM FileNet P8 and FileNet Workplace XT.

2637 Case Study: Dynamic eDiscovery using IBM ECM Discovery Products

Discover how Northeast Utilities pushed the boundaries of IBM's Enterprise Search product to deliver dynamic eDiscovery capabilities to their Legal Department. See how they applied an innovative approach to searching and gathering relevant content from emails, file shares, and their IBM Content Manager Repository. Also learn how IBM is extending its search, eDiscovery, and Content Collection products to simplify this type of deployment going forward.

2708 Designing Business Continuity into IBM Content Manager v8.4

The business continuity of IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions relies on their capability for being resilient against component failures. This session will cover the topics of planning high availability and disaster recovery in the context of business continuity for the IBM Content Manager V8.4 server family. Customer scenarios will be shown to demonstrate how real production environments implement high availability disaster recovery with the IBM Content Manager 8 product stack.

2778 Cost Savings with IBM FileNet Capture Professional and ADR

Businesses today are looking for many ways to reduce costs. This session explores the power of IBM FileNet Capture Professional with advanced document recognition (ADR) to deliver improved productivity and true cost savings. This session will focus on the best use cases for FileNet Capture Professional with ADR. This session will also focus on how one customer achieved significant productivity gains and costs savings by automating the capture process.

2782 IBM FileNet P8 and IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows: A Perfect Match

This talk will summarize how well-integrated IBM DB2 and IBM FileNet P8 are, and the features in DB2 9.5 and DB2 9.7 that help FileNet. Where possible, we will provide actual measurement data as well.

2801 Capture, Mash, Reveal

The new Turbo module is a feature of IBM Lotus Forms designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s busy line of business users, making it easy for users of all skill levels to automate form-based processes in their day-to-day jobs. By integrating Lotus Forms Turbo with the IBM Mashup Center, business users are empowered to develop, integrate and deploy situation forms-based applications with little or no IT involvement. Learn how Lotus Forms Turbo can now leverage new capabilities of the IBM Content Analyzer to mine form results and uncover trends or patterns from free-form text.

2810 Email Archival & Compliance - Best Practices and Examples

This session will cover examples of email archival and compliance solutions across different industries. It will focus on the requirements and issues you need to consider along with examples of how other companies are solving those requirements. Questions such as how long to retain the email, whether to archive from the mailbox or journal, how to leverage records management and the importance of eDiscovery will be discussed. A range of implementation examples using IBM products such as Content Collector, eDiscovery Manager/Analyzer, Classification Module and Records Manager will be highlighted.

2830 Gain Control of your Content Sprawl with Content Assessment

This is a technical overview of IBM InfoSphere Trusted Content Server, showcasing how it helps deliver a trusted, unified view of unstructured content and links it to master data repositories for a complete view of trusted information. Learn about the architecture and implementation of the product, plus its integration points with IBM Enterprise Content Management and InfoSphere.

2858 Using IBM FileNet BPM to Optimize Customer Enrollments and Withdrawals

TIAA-CREF has selected IBM FileNet Business Process Manager to support a "straight through process" initiative as part of their enterprise business architecture. FileNet Business Process Manager will be used to support several key customer-facing applications, including account enrollments and withdrawals. The FileNet deployment will help standardize the quality control and exception handling processes and make them more efficient. The end result is improved customer service and satisfaction for their customers, while decreasing costs associated with these processes.

2859 IBM FileNet P8 101

IM, CM, CFS, CE, PE, IMAE, AE -- what do they all mean? What do I do with my current applications if I go to IBM FileNet P8? Is FileNet Image Services going away? How about FileNet Content Services? How do I get all my documents into FileNet P8? How do I make everything work together? What about security? This session will answer your FileNet P8 questions in a simple, easy to understand way.

2874 Work Smart with Electronic Folders Based on IBM FileNet P8: an eGovernment

The lecture will give an outline of the solution design based an IBM FileNet P8 V4.5, an overview of the project roadmap and the benefits of the solution for the mission critical processes of the German Federal Labour Office against the background of the eGovenrment Strategy. This project is currently one of the biggest IBM FileNet P8 projects worldwide

2876 Leveraging IBM OmniFind to Improve Intranet User Experience

McCormick is looking to improve their intranet. The goal is to make the intranet experience consistent throughout the organization. One of the challenges is that the content that employees search for is located in a variety of data sources, so often employees need to use a variety of applications to find the data for which they are searching. They have implemented IBM OmniFind to enable employees to search IBM Lotus Notes databases, fileshares and other repositories via the intranet user interface, so the location of the data is transparent to the user.

2877 The Evolution of an Imaging Environment

Grange Insurance has used IBM Enterprise Content Management products for several years. In the past year, several tools and processes have been put in place to help maintain and evolve the environment. The formation of a center of excellence, development of retention policies and procedures for document life cycle management, and disaster recovery processes installed and tested are three of the main areas to share. An additional area to discuss is with IBM DB2 Content Manager 8.3 to 8.4.1 challenges.

2922 Why IBM Lotus Workflow, Lotus Forms and IBM FileNet BPM Change the Game

In today’s economic climate, companies with the best processes will be more competitive. Businesses have evolved into a unified global market where customers, partners and suppliers collaborate across cultures and continents. Companies are constantly looking at how they can lower costs through business process improvements. One way to achieve this is through applications that integrate business process and forms management, such as collecting data as part of an internal, business-specific process. The global workforce is always on and always connected, requiring new tools to help people and organizations work smarter. Learn how you can quickly create composite applications, using IBM Lotus Forms and IBM FileNet Business Process Manager.

2925 New Intelligence from Content: Content Analytics for BI and Assessment

With its new Content Analytics offerings, IBM provides a set of tools to analyze, enhance and optimize the content-centric portions of your business. Learn how to combine business intelligence with unstructured content inside and outside your organization to gain insight into key content-rich business processes and expose new intelligence about your customers, markets, and operations. See how leading organizations are driving more intelligent and insightful business decisions from content, and how you can do the same. Learn about the tools and technologies behind these exciting capabilities..

2926 No Paper Weight: Save Money, Risk Less, Know More, Go Green

Do you know all of your organization’s paper costs -- not just storage and supplies but the impact on labor, productivity and other areas? Have you forgotten or missed any others? This session will identify the many risks that paper-based processes pose for business continuity and compliance. It will highlight real hard-dollar saving and their sources as identified in an IBM case study, and discuss how paper inhibits business intelligence. The impact of paper on global warming and the environment will be included, and what your organization can do to become a “greener” community partner.

2928 Records Management Strategy Update

This session will provide an update on the records management market and IBM's records management products and initiatives.

2929 Expanded Content Collection and Archiving Strategy With Content Assessment

BM successfully introduced IBM Content Collector in late 2008. This session will cover an overview of what's new with IBM Content Collector including an exciting new Content Assessment capability. Other new IBM Content Collector capabilities, as well as a discussion of a Smarter Archiving strategy, will be covered. Linkages with the next generation IBM storage archiving solution will also be discussed.

2930 The IBM Smart Archiving Strategy

Archiving is now a mandate, requiring a smarter approach beyond point solution limitations and costs. Many organizations are struggling with issues such as: How do I even identify what information should be archived? How do I manage information over its lifespan and how do I make archive management and infrastructure choices? How do I deliver Information Compliance in a consistent, defensible and cost effective manner? This session will address the IBM Smart Archiving strategy which addresses these and similar issues.

2931 Solutions to Optimize Your Storage Infrastructure

The continuing explosion of unstructured information is forcing enterprises to take action with increased urgency. Strategies to understand, control and manage information growth can result in considerable storage savings as well as unlock insight from unstructured information. Ken will discuss IBM innovations in enterprise content management that help clients reduce costs in archiving, classification and eDiscovery as well as improve agility including cost-effective elimination of physical storage. Client examples and product details will be shared and audience questions addressed. Finally this session will discuss some of the new IBM ECM capabilities for storage.

2933 Compliant Information Management

Do you have a clear compliance agenda and a roadmap that guides you towards that agenda? Are you struggling with tactical compliance and electronic discovery solutions? And are you effectively leveraging and reusing electronically stored information? For an optimized compliance and electronic discovery agenda, IBM Compliant Information Management solution delivers capabilities and a prescriptive approach to reduce complexity, lower risk and cost, and improve business agility.

2942 Smart Archiving, Compliant Information Management, and Agile ECM for SAP

This session will cover IBM Enterprise Content Management offerings for SAP archiving and content-enabling SAP, including a summary of the current product offerings and roadmap for both CommonStore for SAP and Application Connector for SAP. The strategy with respect to Optim will be discussed also.

2943 Content Classification: Critical to Assessment, Collection and Archiving

Organizations are increasingly striving to harness unstructured content through content collection and archival, records management, eDiscovery solutions, and more. These initiatives demand an understanding of the content: one that provides insight on the meaning and value of the information. The IBM InfoSphere Classification Module shifts the intelligence and cost burden away from employees by automating content-centric categorization decisions via analysis of the full text of documents and emails. By scaling content analysis capabilities beyond over-burdened employees, you can use advanced classification to better understand your content in the wild, set your information governance plan and accelerate your compliance initiative roll-out.

2947 Delivering Trusted Information from IBM ECM: True Single View Applications

Structured data only tells part of the story to Single View of Customer business applications. Learn about new work at IBM which help to synchonize enterprise content with master records so that your "Single View" business applications can deliver the full story about your customers, covering the full span of information. Learn not only about the business problems necessitating this solution, but the technical details behind IBM's solution.

2948 Demystifying Classification: IBM InfoSphere Classification Module in Action

Develop an understanding of the classification process by seeing it in action with this session. Want to see some demos? This is your chance.

2949 Real-life IBM eDiscovery Implementation: Experience and Lessons Learned

Customer case study of real-life IBM eDiscovery implementation, including experience and lessons learned.

2950 IBM eDiscovery: Best Practices to Cut Costs and Deliver Early Insight

The huge volume of electronically stored information, compressed discovery schedules and costly discovery processes necessitate cost cutting practical eDiscovery solutions. Learn about best practices for moving eDiscovery in-house, proactively managing information to reduce volume and gaining early case insight.See how understanding key facts, finding key pieces of evidence, discovering communication patterns and forming case strategies before entering into costly processing and review cycles are helping customers cut costs and risks. Learn how IBM content assessment, InfoSphere eDiscovery Manager and Analyzer help optimize eDiscovery plans and can shorten the time to gain a clear view of available information while reducing the volume.

2952 IBM Enterprise Content Management Product Strategy

Now more than ever, successful companies are making information an active part of their business processes. With the continued explosive growth of unstructured content, it is imperative that companies use content-centric business processes to gain efficiencies and help satisfy complex compliance requirements. In this presentation, you will learn the latest strategy and vision for IBM Enterprise Content Management and how companies are transforming their businesses. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how new IBM Enterprise Content Management technology and solutions can help you maximize your current investments by reducing costs and improving efficiency.

2988 Smarter Information Security in a Digitally Connected World

With the pervasive use of remote access and telecommuting, emergence of Web 2.0 technologies, wide adoption of strategic outsourcing and the emergence of cloud computing, it is no longer possible to identify the perimeter of an enterprise. Businesses and governments today must take a broader, smarter and more holistic approach -- not easy in a world that demands convenient access to information, yet expects that information to be protected. Consequently, businesses will increasingly need to rely on "fine-grained" control of user access privileges; "far-field" detection of potential, seemingly unrelated threats; and "multi-tier" containment methods to isolate intrusions and minimize damage.

2999 IBM ECM: Department Solution to Enterprise Standard

This session will examine current and future projects, highlights and lessons learned from the internal development of the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) roadmap at Cardinal Health. Cardinal started their IBM Enterprise Content Management investment by purchasing IBM DB2 CommonStore for SAP to manage financial invoices. The technology quickly took off as the team managed demand and challenges including: project-based financial vs. infrastructure demands. The current IBM Content Manager footprint includes expansion with IBM Document Manager for HR Reporting, the development of a services architecture to include images for e-commerce and migration of legacy document management systems to small department scanning solutions.

3000 IBM Cognos 8 BI with IBM FileNet Business Process Manager and Analyzer

Business intelligence is hot and an IT priority for many enterprises. Are you using it and leveraging it with your enterprise content management (ECM) solutions? Extend the value of your investment in IBM FileNet Business Process Manager by understanding how you could integrate it with IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI). Learn about major integration points between the two products, how you could use and configure FileNet Process Analyzer for Cognos 8 BI for enterprise reporting. Tap into the combined value of these solutions to drive better decision making, performance visibility and business agility across the enterprise.

3069 IBM Content Manager OnDemand Update

Come to this session to learn about recent releases of IBM Content Manager OnDemand, IBM's report management strategy and a demonstration of the latest features.

3263 IBM FileNet and SAP at Coca-Cola Enterprises: Saving a Bundle With a Bundle

Companies are reluctant to integrate additional solutions to their enterprise systems due to the complexities and risks. Coca-Cola Enterprises wanted to increase revenue by decreasing the number of uncollectible invoices. CCE had to make the electronic images of the more than 120,000 daily invoices available to collectors much quicker in order to avoid disputed invoices becoming uncollectible because of time. Filenet P8 was used to connect images to financial data about customers in SAP in a way that represented low risk and drove high return. As a strategic platform Filenet is bundled as a mission critical application with SAP. This bundle drives several business efficiencies and enables savings of millions of dollars each year.

3318 New! IBM Unified Scalable Storage: Why Smart Businesses Like Cloud Storage

This session is for smart, innovative businesses in any industry who need a storage base with enterprise class, cloud-based storage. IBM provides businesses a unique opportunity to consume storage in a pay as you go model, that is highly scalable, secure and highly available. The same technology is now available as an integrated, ready-to-deploy Smart Business System and a Smart Business Service. Businesses can consolidate fragmented storage to lower costs. They can leverage the massive scalability and collaboration capabilities of cloud storage to solve problems in ways that were not possible before. As IT budgets are stretched, cloud storage is enabling businesses to do more with less.