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Keys to a successful nomination

Client Reference
Ensure your solution nomination form has at least one client reference. Client quotes within the nomination are a plus.

Work with a Subject Matter Expert
Author the nomination form with someone on your team who has intimate knowledge of the solution & client reference implementation being nominated.

Quantitative Results
Articulate value & benefits to the client with quantitative results if possible. e.g. ABC was able to decrease the time it took to process claims by 40% and with higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Present Knowledge of the IBM Software
Explain how your solution exploited the IBM software at the capability level for the client’s benefit. If there are multiple IBM offerings within the implementation, describe the value and details of the integration.

Illustrate the solution has been implemented at other clients successfully and if possible mention clients by name and provide quantitative value statements.

Clarity & Readability
Everyone likes to read material that is well written and organized. Have the best writer in your firm (preferably someone who is not as intimate with the solution) proof read, edit and organize your nomination.