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The following rules govern these awards:

  1. Nominations for each award category must be received by March 15th, 2013 at 11:55pm Eastern Time.

  2. IBM Business Partners must be in good standing as determined by IBM, and in compliance with terms of their PartnerWorld agreement. IBM reserves the right to decline to nominate or accept any IMPACT Business Partner Awards nominations from or for IBM Business Partners who are not in good standing with their agreements.

  3. A nominee for IMPACT Business Partner Awards must be a Member, Advanced or Premier-level member of IBM PartnerWorld. IMPACT Best of Show Award must be a Sponsor at the IMPACT Conference (exhibitor and above).

  4. Winners and finalists will be announced during the Business Partner Summit at the 2013 IMPACT Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The winner of the IBM Impact 2013 Impact Best of Show will be announced during the Grand Opening Session. One of the criteria for selecting the winner amongst the finalists for the various award categories is the partner's show of support for our brand's largest annual event. Hence, the winners must be represented by a company senior executive at the Impact Conference. Finalists are not required to attend.

  5. A particular solution, however, can only be nominated in one solution-based award category -- Best Customer Integration Award, Smarter Process Award, Cloud Innovation Award, Mobile Innovation Award or PureApplication System Award. For example, the same solution cannot be nominated for both Smarter Process Award and Best Customer Integration Award.

  6. A customer reference is required for the Best Customer Integration Award, Smarter Process Award, Mobile Innovation Award, and Cloud Innovation Award. IBM must be able to contact the reference.

  7. Nominations must be submitted in English.

  8. All questions on the nomination form must be completed, unless otherwise specified. Non-completion is grounds for disqualification.

  9. Solutions that were nominated for 2012 awards but were not judged winners may be nominated for consideration again, provided that they were substantially improved in 2013. Solutions that were recognized as IMPACT Business Partner Award winners last year are not eligible.

  10. Nominations can be saved as a draft and changes to that draft may be made. Once the final nomination has been submitted, the nomination form cannot be edited.

  11. All nomination forms must be finalized and submitted for judging consideration. Nominations saved as drafts will not be judged.

  12. Please do not send products with your nomination. If you would like the judges to review an executable demo, please provide a Web address along with instructions on how to access the demo on the nomination form.

  13. Do not forward information that you or any third party consider to be confidential.

  14. IBM Business Partners must indicate their company's consent to submit the nomination by providing the name and title of an authorized representative from their company. IBM employees nominating an IBM Business Partner must provide the name and title of an authorized representative from the IBM Business Partner company as proof of identity and consent to the nomination.

  15. By consenting to the nomination, IBM Business Partners are also consenting to all promotional activity as described in the Company consent and authorization paragraph on the submission tab.

  16. IBM’s decisions are final, and IBM reserves the right to: 1) modify or eliminate categories and the stated procedures and/or criteria in whole or in part at any time without notice; or 2) reject any nomination in its sole discretion and without notice.

As one final set of advice, here are some tips to impress the judges:

    • Demos – If a demo is not available, screenshots and presentations are acceptable. These are not required but are highly recommended.

    • Elegance of the solution. Judges are not looking only for a compilation of every product feature, but want to know how those features were utilized to provide a valuable, easy-to-use solution for the end-user.

    • Creativity of the solution. Does it use WebSphere software in diffentiated ways and unique areas?

    • Return On Investment statements backed up with figures (amount of money saved or percent improved).

    • Productivity statements.

    • Repeatable solutions.

    • Concise nominations. Please do not provide spec sheets or product feature lists.

    • Solutions that utilize the most current releases of WebSphere software.

    • Good and verifiable customer references, as requested.