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Award Categories

IBM Impact 2011 Smart SOA Award

This award recognizes the IBM Business Partner solution that delivers the best SOA based solution which helps customers create sustainable differentiation, achieve agility and realize business value. Using WebSphere Application Infrastructure and Application Integration products as its foundation, the solution must demonstrate exploitation of IBM’s SOA capabilities to solve traditional business challenges in non-traditional ways.

IBM Impact 2011 Business Process Management Award

This award recognizes the IBM Business Partner solution that utilizes Business Process Management (BPM) to help customers improve their efficiency, flexibility, and control of their key business processes across the enterprise. The solution should also demonstrate how it discovers insights that enable innovation, provides maximum value of business interactions, and optimizes productivity and resources.

IBM Impact 2011 Smarter Decision Management Award

This award recognizes the IBM Partner solution utilizing IBM WebSphere software component(s) that has enabled customers to achieve new levels of smarter decision management through improved planning and scheduling optimization, high-performance visualization, business events or automated risk- and opportunity-based rule decision systems.

IBM Impact 2011 Distributor Excellence Award

The Distributor Excellence Award recognizes High Value-Add Distributors who are leading the charge in building their Business Partners’ ability to leverage IBM SOA and WebSphere software capabilities in creative, leading-edge, exciting ways.

IBM Impact 2011 Impact Cloud Innovation Award

This award recognizes the IBM Partner that exhibits the most innovative solution that either utilizes WebSphere offerings to deliver that solution via the Cloud, or utilizes WebSphere offerings to create a cloud-based solution delivery of behalf of a customer. The solution should demonstrate the value that WebSphere offerings provided in the solution.

IBM Impact 2011 Impact Best of Show Award

The Impact 2011 Best of Show Award is specifically for sponsors of the IMPACT Conference – Exhibitor level and above. The award recognizes the best demonstration of a solution that illustrates the unique power of using IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and WebSphere components. The solution being demonstrated must be currently offered to customers. Final evaluation takes place at the IMPACT Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.