IBM BigInsights Developers Bootcamp


This technical workshop is for IBM Business Partners who want to learn how to develop solutions on IBM BigInsights 2.0.  Attendees will learn how to develop solutions on IBM BigInsights using the various analytical capabilities of the platform.  The course starts with a deep-dive on HDFS and MapReduce, the underlying technologies of BigInsights.  There is an extensive module on programming JAQL the IBM designed programming language that allows the easy development of analytic applications without JAVA programming.  Another focus of the course is AQL the technology used to create text analytic applications like Social Media Analytics.  The remainder of the course introduces popular open source technologies like Hive and HBase and some advanced and upcoming IBM technologies like the Accelerators and BigSQL  The course will give you an introduction in these technologies and will help you to pick the right tool for the task at hand.
The following audiences can benefit from this workshop by learning how to develop for IBM BigInsights:

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