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Are your data warehouse volumes growing too quickly?
Do your analysts spend too much time waiting for reports?
Does your IT infrastructure enable a federated view of data from all your repositories?
Do you have tools to analyze your organization’s unstructured data (e.g. call center logs)?

If any of these issues apply then your warehouse needs to be modernized and you’re missing opportunities!

With a modern data warehouse ecosystem, you can have a cost effective platform for high performance applications, long term storage that can be queried, and data discovery.  Linking this ecosystem together is a governance framework that can provide regulatory compliance for auditing, access control, encryption, masking, and more.

At the IBM Big Data Insights to Improve your Business Connect to Win event, industry experts will share their real-world experiences to help you learn how to take control of your ever-growing supply of data and turn it into an enterprise source of knowledge.

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At the session, learn how to:

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