Sales Strategies for Startups


All startups have the same woes. You need –Revenue (Sales), Venture Capital? Traction? Doors opened ! Contacts & Connections. You know the drill.  The art of selling gets limited attention & discussion. Founders always ask “how do I get sales”? In the beginning Founders do the initial deals. You’re always selling!


Peter (Pete) Gracey, is the Chief Operations Officer and co-Founder of AG Salesworks. He started the company in 2002 with his business partner, Paul Alves, with a goal of providing technology companies with high quality and fully qualified sales leads. In his current position, Pete oversees the daily operations of AG Salesworks, which includes client engagement, personnel management, business strategy, across-the-board data analysis and long-term strategic planning.


He is a prolific blogger who posts frequently to the company’s web site, and also contributes online video presentations.

Pete is also Adjunct Professor of Sales and Marketing for the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Events highlights

Define Sales skills

  • How do I sell my company, product or service?
  • What do I need to know?

What is your value proposition?

  • Benefits Productivity offering? People or process
  • Cost
  • Pitfalls/ Rejection

What are you really selling?

  • Do you know your real customer?
  • Do you know who signs the check?

What is the difference between a pitching & selling?

  • Framing the conversation
  • Listening

Identify steps of a successful sales process

  • Prospect
  • Qualify, Qualify, Qualify 
  • Understand the customer need &cycle
  • Proposal
  • Close
  • Win !

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