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Smarter Healthcare:
From Evidence to Insight: Achieving Outcomes that Matter

The smarter approach to healthcare is one that turns data into clinical and business insights for better outcomes. It instruments processes with those insights in real time for point of care decisions and productivity. And hospitals, medical centers and clinicians can work smarter by bringing seamless patient-centered, holistic and proactive approaches into their interactions with patients,
to deliver better care experiences that emphasize prevention and wellness.

The search for a more efficient way to improve outcomes and deliver greater value has inspired Smarter Care, which emphasizes collaboration across the boundaries of government, social programs, life sciences, health plans and providers. Data existing is shared wellness.

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Leonard Lee, Industry Portfolio Manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Software
Leonard Lee is the global offering leader for IBM’s software business in healthcare and life sciences. His responsibilities span strategy, mergers and acquisitions, development, sales execution, and partnerships. Along the way he has worked on healthcare portals, predictive medical systems, and drug discovery. In a past life he designed interactive toys, 3D visuals and other strange things at IBM Research. Leonard is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

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