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IBM has designed this day for you, our Business Partners. At this event, you will see IBM MobileFirst, a new portfolio of mobile products and services announced at the Mobile World Congress. We will review the new capabilities for developing and managing mobile applications, and how these can help you expand your business.

When you look back over the past few decades, we've only seen a few major shifts that have had a major impact on the way we live and work. Think back to the early days of e-business. Well, we believe that we're in another one of those unique and exciting periods of time right now. Mobile is completely transforming how we communicate and work in so many ways.

To meet this growing demand and capture this enormous market opportunity, IBM announced IBM MobileFirst the most comprehensive mobile solution portfolio in the industry. By incorporating mobile capabilities that range from analytics, cloud, security, device management, application development and industry expertise, IBM MobileFirst will help clients use mobile in new and unique ways to be more profitable and innovative. IBM MobileFirst drives the idea that mobile is the first point of contact between an individual and an organization. Mobile is rapidly becoming the primary means by which individuals interact with businesses, and through IBM MobileFirst, IBM is providing companies with the essential tools to take advantage of new business opportunities being enabled by mobile.

Based on nearly 1,000 customer engagements, 10 mobile-related acquisitions in the last four years, a team of thousands of mobile experts and 270 patents in wireless innovations, IBM MobileFirst offers an array of solutions that helps businesses connect, secure, manage and develop mobile networks, infrastructures and applications. By bringing our mobile portfolio under this new name, we're signaling IBM's unified approach to help our clients and partners to deliver best-in-class solutions, take advantage of more commercial opportunities, and provide superior customer service.

See you there!

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