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New! Cloud Sales Guide

Cloud Sales Guide for IBM Business Partners and System Integrators. Resources and guidance to help you fulfill your clients' cloud needs.

The Cloud Sales Guide for IBM Business Partners and System Integrators (v2) uses a new information template to allow for the inclusion of more cloud entry points (eg, SmartCloud Framework and Client Initiatives), plus expanded content for specific offerings and information. It remains an easy to use, reference guide highlighting the breadth of IBM's cloud solutions to address their clients' cloud computing needs.

The simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to now access over 225 IBM cross brand cloud offerings with information links to and PartnerWorld. Users can link to resources, training and information, as well as learn about IBM’s SmartCloud Framework and Client Initiatives.

The guide is intended to help users determine which IBM software, systems and services offerings to integrate into their cloud portfolio to enhance the quality and breadth of solutions they provide to clients.

The Cloud Sales Guide is available in two formats; a web-browser based version and a desktop version. Both versions offer same core benefits –

Web browser version of Cloud Sales Guide

The quickest way to access the guide, bookmark it or share with others is to simply provide a URL link. Unlike the desktop version, users are required to have internet connection to view any information.

Desktop based version of Cloud Sales Guide

Users can download either one of the guide's desktop versions attached below today to help them start to plan, build and deliver cloud solutions for their clients. Both versions are the same, but partners may prefer getting sent the zip version over the exe version. The desktop version allows users to view all the information in the tool without an internet connection, but only require internet to link use the more information links provide.

IMPORTANT NOTE – users who downloaded the desktop version (v1) before August 1, 2012 need to download the new desktop version to access the new template and continue to access updated content.

* Please note: To access many of the information areas referenced in the Cloud Sales Guide a PartnerWorld ID and password is required. To set up a PartnerWorld ID and password, you need to access Join PartnerWorld.

You can preview the Cloud Sales Guide or run the guide in a non-Windows environment by accessing a web browser version here (link resides outside of


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