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Resources and guidance to help fulfill your clients' needs

Resources and guidance to help fulfill your clients' needs. IBM Resource Guide (EXE, 4.41MB)

April 2012 IBM Resource Guide

The IBM Resource Guide for Consultants and Integrators (EXE, 4.41MB) is designed to simplify access and help you leverage the over 140 IBM cross brand and program resources available to you as a consultant and SI business partner. The IBM Resource Guide provides direct links into either our IBM PartnerWorld program resources or directly to brand information that will make it easier for you to locate IBM information or the resources available to you. The guide is structured to allow you several access paths, built around how a consultant or SI might want to find information to help speed the search for specific information.

These paths include:

Roles/Responsibilities - this path guides you through the IBM resource and support solutions available to account executives, solution architects, IT architects, developers and delivery consultants and sales professionals.

Categories – this path quickly locates the type of information needed for sales, marketing and technical requirements. This path is a great way to access resources based on tasks such as industry solutions, education resources, certification, training, technical support resources and more.

Information resources - this path views the entire menu of available resources and support options referenced in the guide such as cloud computing, Destination z, Systems College, CSI Virtual University and more.

To access many of the areas in the IBM Resource Guide a PartnerWorld ID and password are required. If you or your company are not members of PartnerWorld, just follow these simple registration instructions.
Download the guide's desktop version attached below today to view the three access paths and description; the 'More info' button under Description links into PartnerWorld or Additionally, you have the option to bookmark and use a new browser based version of the IBM Resource Guide by clicking here.


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